Writer of The Dress Diaries

Leanne, 24 years old, currently living in Leeds and wishing to explore the world.

I am from 'up north' and I love music festivals, tea, patterned trousers, the seaside, bright scarves, scrapbooks, trains, twitter and nokia phones.

This blog is not a fashion blog as the name would suggest. Sure, I love a good haul and new outfit but I mix it with a lot of lifestyle and personal posts because that's what I want to share with you AND what I enjoy reading myself.

I'm actually a graphic designer by day and as I get more time to myself, I'd love to share my artwork with you as well.

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Important things...


These are my honest reviews and opinions on products, all my own likes, dislikes, loves, loathes and whatever else. Some posts feature items sent to me for review or include content I have been paid to include. However, none of my opinions are influenced by payment - any items sent to me are truthfully reviewed if I choose to include them.

All images have been taken by myself or sourced from the retailer websites I link and feature. Any images outside of these will be credited to the owner. Please credit any of my pictures if using them yourself by acknowledging the source (Pinterest, Instagram, this blog etc.) If you use any of them, I'll be flattered and would love to know, so drop me a tweet or an email!

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