Bakers & Roasters

There are a couple of these cafes in Amsterdam and it’s a firm favourite of my best friend, so we headed here for brunch. Lovely atmosphere, a really varied menu and great value. It’s safe to say the Huevos Rancheros is a tried and tested hangover cure for me, I absolutely loved the spice and it was super tasty.

There's indoor and outdoor seating, making it a prime spot for lunch in the summer.

Coffee & Coconuts

If you’re after a great brunch spot with a side of Instagram aesthetic, this is your place. It’s very bohemian; think a mixture of plants, rustic wood vibes, nautical rope accessories and lots of cosy seating across three floors.

I’ve returned here a couple of times for the coffee because it’s so good, and a standard is a double shot which is absolutely necessary after an Amsterdam night out. There's an extensive drinks menu (coffee and otherwise) plus great breakfast/brunch options.

Now this is everything I would hope for in a video game bar. It has everything from air hockey tables to Streetfighter to dance mat machines, and you can enjoy it all with a pitcher of beer.

It's always a good atmosphere and is situated in Amsterdam Centrum, making it super easy to get to from wherever you might be staying. Just grab a drink and some tokens from the bar and you can play until your heart's content. They don't offer food themselves but they do have a menu from the two takeaway food places on either side of them for you to order from - genius!

Ping Pong Parck

A cool, hip table tennis bar situated near Vondelpark.  It has a great vibe, lovely aesthetic and also serves an entirely vegan menu. We didn't get chance to try the food but there's plenty to choose from.

We headed there mid-afternoon and had the table to ourselves for ages, so it's an ideal place for a group to relax, grab some food and have some friendly competition.

The Queen's Head

What. A. Night.

By far the best night I’ve had in Amsterdam (and to be honest, we’ve had some great ones) This place has great music, good vibes and drag shows all rolled into a tiny pub. It's definitely a place for a couple or small group to visit due to the size but you're bound to make friends when you get there.

I hope this is somewhat useful to you if you're heading to Amsterdam. It's the city I've visited most outside of the UK and I absolutely love it, particularly for the quaint and quirky food spots. Let me know on Twitter or Instagram if you head to any of these places!




There's been a huge transition period for me between this year and the last and now I feel like everything is coming together. As I'm in such a positive place, I wanted to finally reflect on 2019 with a lot of comfort, happiness and the knowledge of how I want to continue things this year. Many of these reflections link back to my resolutions post (which you can read here) and I'm so ready to smash further goals in 2020.

Design Strikes (AD)

I did it! I finally opened a design shop on Etsy and have sold nearly 200 hand-illustrated cards. Honestly could not be happier with where it is at the moment and I'm loving the process. People in my 'real life' circle have been incredibly supportive and I've found something that I absolutely love, that also happens to tie in with my full-time job.

Check out my Etsy shop or follow the Design Strikes Instagram page.

Design Competition

Another huge moment for me was entering and consequently, winning a design competition. My illustration of the Ribbon Tower at Glastonbury was combined with a poem by another entrant and sold by Festival Postcards at this year's festival. It was absolutely a year (and life?!) highlight for me, seeing my design at my favourite place in the world.

We went to see the stand and whilst we were getting giddy about seeing it in reality and my name in print, a girl overheard and said she'd just bought one, loved it and was excited to send it home to her family. That was SO incredible and bizarre to hear! Although a very exciting personal achievement, it made it all the more lovely that Festival Postcards send 10% of the profits of the cards to Amnesty International. The card is still available to buy online here.


I took part in a aerial photoshoot which was one of the goals I wanted to tick off my fitness resolutions last year. The end images were great and I'm really glad I invested both the time and money into doing something just for me involving my favourite hobby.

This year, I'm going one step further and have booked myself on to a three-day aerial convention. I'm so excited to continue improving, building friendships with other aerialists and getting stronger.

Another goal of mine was to complete a half marathon which amazingly, I did! I ran the Leeds Half in 2:12:44 which I am so proud of. I also completed another TRIB3 Steel Week (seven HIIT workouts in seven days) and although it's always trickier than I expect, I managed to span it across five days and felt much better at the end than I did last time!


I've made some huge decisions this year regarding my personal life, which has led to me living back with my parents for the past few months. It's certainly not a situation I had planned, however, the positive of this is being able to save much more money than I would have otherwise including a chunk of money for a house deposit.

This year is the year of paying off credit cards (very, very soon I hope) and being even more money-savvy, thanks to working full time - for the first time in over a year - and the sheer power of manifestation. The events of 2019 have made me so hugely grateful for having such fantastic family and friends who support me, both in the form of accommodation and positive vibes!

Oh, and I've got BIG LIFE PLANS for the coming months.

Hope the first month of 2020 has treated you well so far and you're well on your way to achieving your own new year goals.