The onset of Easter chocolate treats has really messed with my skin recently, so I jumped at the chance to introduce something new (and hopefully effective!) to my skincare routine.

Nivea's latest range is a collection with the aim of counteracting the effects of urban life. With specifically formulated masks and moisturisers, I'm hoping that this range will help me #FaceThe City and purify my skin as I go about working, commuting and living an active lifestyle in a busy city centre. As part of the campaign, I received some free samples which I've been using (and handing out to friends) so we can see for ourselves.

Read more about the benefits of their new range on their website.

A selection of Nivea Urban Skin Detox products in a flat lay

Nivea Daily Essentials Urban Skin Defence Day Cream

I'm such a huge fan of their affordable moisturisers already so this day cream was definitely something I was excited about. It sinks into the skin quickly, doesn't leave my face feeling sticky and has an SPF of 20 which - in my opinion - makes it a must-have as the weather gets warmer.

It's definitely going to be a staple for this year's holiday toiletries as it comes in a handy travel size of 50ml.

Nivea Daily Essentials Urban Skin Detox Night Gel Cream

Similar to the previous item, don't be alarmed by the fact it is actually bright green in colour.  The gel consistency of this product is much thicker than the day cream, which makes it feel amazingly moisturising and my skin definitely feels the benefit.

It also has bio green tea extract, anti-oxidant and hyaluronic acid (yep, you've heard the one!) which all help make your skin feel amazing when you wake up.

Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox (exfoliating) Mask

Neither of masks were particularly effective for me, however I loved the scent of this one. The consistency is really nice and it definitely works as more of an active exfoliator rather than a mask to leave on and rinse off.

My skin is naturally quite oily/combination so I struggle to find masks that work for me - so this white clay extract product may work for you.

Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox (pore refining) Mask

Although again, it smells lovely, this mask didn't seem to do very much for my skin and it certainly didn't have the effects I'd hoped for.

There was no noticeable difference in my pores after a few uses, and the self-heating element wasn't as effective as many other similar products that I've used in the past. Not my favourite item but I'm going to continue using it as it doesn't make my skin oilier (as some other masks tend to) and to see if there are any longer term benefits.

Overall, I'm impressed with the first two products of the range and Urban Skin Detox concept. Additionally, I'm happy Nivea continue to produce fantastic quality, super affordable moisturisers.

Thanks to BzzAgent for the campaign samples - get in touch if you fancy reviewing some new products yourselves!



Disclaimer: This post includes free samples or discounted items but all opinions are honest and my own.