Did you make some fitness orientated New Year's resolutions a couple of months back? Many of us did and unsurprisingly, a lot of us have already given up. 

Let's not forget that lifestyle changes can be made any time, any day of the year - so don't be disheartened if 2018 so far hasn't yet been what you planned it to be. Here are some simple, small steps you can apply from now onwards, if you had a fitness resolution in mind to achieve this year.  Sometimes just making these small changes to a daily routine can make a huge difference if you have a bigger goal ahead.

Hand on hip shot of half the body, with black crop top and black leggings with orange detail

Stretch daily

Don't always have the time to exercise after you roll out of bed? Take five minutes on a morning to properly stretch your muscles when you wake up. Not only will this keep you a little more nimble but it helps energise you for the day ahead.

You might even find after a small warm-up session you're a little more motivated to get to the gym, or that class, or outside for a run.

Stay hydrated

Invest in a water canteen or BPA-free plastic bottle you can take everywhere with you. Place it next to your bed on a night and have a few sips as soon as you wake up. Keeping your water intake up is vital not only to keep you from dehydrating but it's also great for your skin, mood and helps put off those pretend pangs of hunger during the day.

It's important to increase your water intake during warmer weather but a lot of people forget to drink plenty of water in the colder months. Although you might not feel thirsty, when we wrap up cosy inside with heaters blazing, our bodies still feel the heat and need that water boost in order to keep healthy and hydrated.

Work out YOUR way

Hiring a Personal Trainer won't be everyone's cup of tea green juice and that's okay. If you find exercising difficult or a chore, go to classes that make it fun. You might enjoy classes more if there is a social aspect, so join a bootcamp class or local Yoga group where you can meet new people or join up with your mates.

From aqua aerobics and Zumba, to aerial hoop or golf - there will be something out there for you to take part in. Check out some local (and sometimes free!) clubs and classes on the This Girl Can website.

Walk part of the way

Do you normally drive to work? Park a little bit further away and do an extra 100 steps towards the office, or get off the bus a stop early. Increasing your daily steps gradually is simple. Soon you'll be hitting 10,000 with ease.

If you need an extra push to move more throughout your day, check out my tips on how to use a FitBit (or similar fitness tracking gadget, for that matter!) There are lots of fitness trackers available if living a more active lifestyle is one of your 2018 goals.

Eat the right stuff

Get those fruit and veg in! In a crazy working week, we sometimes grab the quickest snack but it's not always the healthiest. I'm not saying you need to spend your Sundays meal prepping but if you find some time to - at least - plan and shop for the meals you'd like to eat for the rest of the week, it takes out a whole load of hassle. Don't be tempted to fill your basket with chocolate and crisps. If they're not in the cupboard, you won't feel the need to grab one because you're bored at home.

There's a fab recipe here (which can be subbed with Quorn for meat-free!) as well as a link to the British Military Fitness' recipe book for more inspiration.