I was kindly invited to a GiffGaff Gameplan event which involved an elusive 'fitness challenge' and the chance to earn some money by working out. Intrigued?

A group of fitness bloggers warming up in a squat

Running on a treadmill, reflection in the gym mirror

The challenge took place at the impressive Firehouse Fitness gym in Leeds, where we chatted about GiffGaff Money's useful website and an upcoming new app that can help you manage your money. They offer free credit ratings (which is SO easy to use!), comparisons for credit cards and insurance providers and have a forum full of helpful tips and tricks all about getting your finances into shape.

After an introduction - and of course, a warm up - we were asked to run for 20 minutes in an attempt to burn as many calories as we possibly could. For every calorie burnt, we would receive 20p - up to the total value of £40.

I don't mind cardio, so it's safe to say I was pleased with the challenge and at a leisurely jog of 18 minutes long (phew!), I had managed to clock 200 calories resulting in my own sense of achievement, a lovely catch up with other bloggers and some money to put towards my savings. 

Afterwards, we were even treated to a smoothie (I chose aaaall the frozen berries) from the guys at Mr Flavour and a goody bag of absolute treats. If I was always paid to work out then quite frankly, I would go to the gym more often!

A group of bloggers after a fitness challenge receiving a Giff Gaff Money goody bag

Having access to your credit score with only a couple of forms to fill out is super useful. I've always understood that it's important to have a good credit rating in order to get a mortgage or a loan if ever I needed to in the future, but had no idea how to check what my score was or how to improve it without getting loads of credit cards.

After reading through the GiffGaff Gameplan web forum and entering some details, I was shown my credit score clearly and some tips on how to keep it high. It even tells you how many searches have been made on your credit rating, all the accounts you've had before and if there are any issues that have gone against your credit rating in the past.

If you struggle with keeping track of your finances or even just want a place that has some great money saving advice, head over to their website. Staying money fit is definitely something to focus on for me in 2018 as I save for lots of festivals and trips!

Thanks to GiffGaff for the brilliant event. All photography in this post is credited to Matt Chappell and Search Laboratory.

How do you manage your money?



Disclaimer: I was invited to take part in this event, all opinions are my own and unbiased.