Multiple picture frames on a white wall

Cook more

I've made a conscious effort to eat less meat since the start of the year and actually, it's been much easier than I'd expected. I actively try not to order a meat dish when I'm out or buy any meat when I meal prep at home, but have still had the occasional dinner when other people are cooking or it is more convenient.

I want to continue with going meat-free this month and hopefully, try more vegetarian cooking and introduce some new flavours. It's so easy to replace standard meat meals with something that is veggie friendly but I don't want to fall into a rut of making the same meal over and over (I'm looking at you quinoa chilli - no matter how tasty you are!)

Be present

This month I've a lot of friend visits planned and I'm super excited about it. There'll be lots of laughs to have and catching up to do and I really, really want to do my best to be thankful for everything as it's happening and make the most of spending this time with the people I love.

I'm actually quite good at this, but I know there's often a need to document everything that happens nowadays which can detract from actually having a great time. I want to be present and enjoy the moment. That doesn't mean I won't be instagram-ing away (of course!) but I don't need to see everything as a 'photographic' or 'blog-worthy' experience.

Hustle harder

I've now got two jobs so there's no excuse to be unorganised. I'm trying to become a bit more of a morning person, so my goal this month is to use my spare time wisely. Before I start a shift, I absolutely have time for a workout and breakfast if I get up when my alarm goes off (the first time, not multiples snoozes later!)

There's a lot I want to get done this month and make big steps towards my end goals - wish me luck!

Get rid of it all

I've done a good job in the past couple of months of selling old clothes and shoes on eBay (useful money-saving tips here if you're still feeling the Christmas money crush) but I want to go even further. At the moment, my spare room is FULL of bags of clothes that is a ridiculous amount for a single person to own.

I'm going to take a couple of trips to the charity shop and get even more on Depop or eBay this month, in order to declutter before Spring.