The months have been absolutely whizzing by this year so I haven't done many of these at all, but here's a random assortment of things that I've enjoyed a fair amount over the last few weeks.

View of Leeds City skyline with sunset

Game of Thrones

Yes, I'm way behind but yes, I'm finally on that bandwagon. I read 'A Song of Ice and Fire' on holiday this year and after the closing chapter on Daenerys (Mother of Dragons and absolute sass-pot) I had to watch the popular box set.

I'm just about to start season 3 so I'm hoping to see:

A) Seeing more of Daenerys be a bad-ass
and B) Less favourite characters dying

...but I won't hold my breath on the latter.


Shirts, dresses, blazers - you name it.

If you don't yet own anything velvet then what are you doing? Get on ASOS this second and find your statement Christmas party piece. I tried to rock a bright pink velvet skirt when I was eighteen, to everyone else's embarrassment, so I'm very happy to see it return as a huge fashion trend (and only a little miffed at the fact only now everyone has realised it looks great.)

Christmas party season, here I come!

Aerial Yoga

I ventured to my first class this month and I had great hopes that combining two of my fave pastimes would be a winner. Happily, I was not disappointed and managed a few basic stretches, holds and even an inversion or two.

Over the next couple of weeks I have a few more classes to attend where I'm hoping to work on some handstands (!)  so I'll be sharing more with you.

Less social media

There's a huge amount of negativity online. As much as we try to see the positives, it usually saddens me to see the amount of genuinely ill educated and disgusting people making rude comments online. I've spent far less time on Twitter (not entirely on purpose, if I'm honest) recently and actually it's been a great relief. 

I've also spent more time posting pictures on my fitness Instagram (rather than the blog/personal) as that's been my main focus and it's really paying off for me, personally.There's a silly expectation of bloggers to post all the time, have a desire increase engagement and make everything tip top and pretty. That's not reality and sometimes, it's not even what we enjoy.

Stepping back and making sure I snap the photos of things I'm proud of achieving or things that are actually bloody interesting has given me new perspective.

Market shopping

As part of a combined healthy living and eco-friendly kick, I'm aiming to start shopping more at local grocers and marketplaces. Sometimes (not always, admittedly) it can be cheaper and it's far better to know you're supporting a local trader.

Thinking more about where your money is going is important and in return, I guarantee the quality of the food items you buy will be so much better. I've also had some bargains in the way of flowers, fabric and stocking fillers from Leeds Kirkgate Market - so there's something for everyone! I'll definitely be doing this more often in the coming year.

What have you been loving recently?