Keep active

I've done a good job of staying active over the past month, so even with the inevitable Christmas puds and treats I'm going to be aiming to keep up with fitness classes and 10,000 steps.

There's a LOT of things happening in December which can make it tricky to go to the gym regularly, follow a schedule or being available to
go to classes when I want to. However, I'm going to try my best to fit them in around enjoying general seasonal celebrations, which is all we can do! At the end of the day: Christmas prosecco > HIIT.

Depop errything

I need to get rid of so much in my wardrobe. I've explained a little more about this app in this post here, but basically, it's a great way to declutter and earn a little extra Christmas dosh.


Yep - it's happening. This is actually my 5th blogmas post and considering it's been published on the 5th December, you can assume it's going well so far.

I mentioned on my Twitter that I'm giving it a go this year but instead of 24 posts revolving around Christmas specifically, I'm posting all sorts of things in the run up to Santa's arrival. This will include posts from the past year I never got round to finishing (other bloggers will vouch when I say my drafts list needs a severe culling), various posts I've wanted to do but never got started and of course, would it be blogmas without ANY Christmas themed posts?

Check out the 'blogmas' tag to keep up with all my posts so far.

Throw myself into festivities

Working in retail means Christmas is super busy, so I'm excited to embrace it this year and use it as an opportunity to gear myself up for the end of the month celebrations.

I'm looking forward to gift giving and eating lots with friends, annual pre-Christmas catch ups and getting cosy in the flat now my tree is well and truly decorated.

Do you have something you want to achieve this month?