1st December

I felt incredible after an intense workout today. We should be so grateful every day for our bodies, what we can do with them and how we can look after them. Although I thought I might actually collapse I was working so hard, afterwards I felt ready to take on the world.

2nd December

 A couple of David's friends came to visit and we headed out to some new places in leeds. I love the city I live in and I'm really thankful we have some fantastic bars and eateries on our doorstep.

3rd December

We sat and watched rubbish tv and christmas films today and it was GREAT. I love that we get the chance to have lazy days off, even when the rest of this month is super, super busy!

4th December

I'm grateful for feeling super festive this year and finally finding my motivation. Blogmas has really spurred me to work harder, get more things done with my time and I'm really making the most of the Christmas atmosphere in my shifts at work.

5th December

 I went to the gym (no class, no PT) for the first time in ages today and I loved how quiet it was, and thankful for how confident I felt in there in comparison to a few years ago - when I used to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes and leave!

6th December

We headed to London for this year's work Christmas party. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to go (having only been there for about 6 weeks!) and meeting lots of inspiring women. The team I work with at the moment have been incredibly welcoming and the chance to dress up and dance is always great!

7th December

Having stayed in London, I decided to book on to an aerial silks class. Although it was very difficult, I struggled to understand half of what the instructor was talking about (I can't remember how to double footlock) and I was hungover - I'm so glad I did something that was out of my comfort zone

Looking forward to another week of spreading love and happiness (and all the festive spirit!)