Photograph of Leeds blogger

I'm currently 25 and nearing the 'wrong' side of it.

I've been really lucky to have lots of opportunities in my life already and I'm still working hard to ensure it continues. However there are many things I would still like to cross off my bucket list while I'm in my twenties, so here are the 30 things I'd like to do before I turn 30.

Go to Australia

Get an opportunity to travel through work or hobby

Visit Iceland or Norway and see the Northern Lights

Buy an aerial hoop

Drive on a road trip

Go back to Harry Potter world

Visit New York

Spend time working or living in another city

Have a graphic design shop

Visit Edinburgh

Buy an iMac

Get another tattoo

Write a novella

Throw a huge party with all my friends

Travel lots of European festivals

Have a class I can teach regularly

Take part in a major sporting event or race

Volunteer for a charity

Go back to Glastonbury

Learn to bake properly

Get better at Spanish and German languages

Perform at a public event

Learn to do a handstand/headstand

Have my writing published in a (online/offline) magazine


Run a 10K for charity

Learn more HTML 

Get another qualification

Buy a velvet suit

Throw a surprise party

What's on your list before your next big birthday?