Beautiful cafe in Haworth, Yorkshire

Moody, panoramic view of Penistone Hill Country Park

Growing up in Yorkshire, there are plenty of school or family excursions that stick with you - from singing 'Ilkley Moor baht 'at' on the actual moors of Ilkley to making your way through the National Coal Mining Museum without losing your head torch in York.

One place that stands out for me is Haworth, well known for being the home of the Bronte family, the inspiration for Wuthering Heights and somewhere that Northerners are pretty proud to be associated with.  I ventured back to Haworth recently to experience it as what I'd like to pretend is a fully fledged adult and wasn't disappointed.

Haworth, Yorkshire

The Cookhouse cafe in Haworth

Pot of tea in a cafe in Yorkshire

Cabinet of Curiosities shop in Haworth

We found a cosy cafe - of the many that are here - named The Cookhouse for food. I went for a poached egg/beans on toast classic but David, rather adventurously opted for a 'Yorkshire crumpet'. This apparently consists of crumpets covered in onion marmalade and cheese - interesting.

After a hearty breakfast stop, we wandered down the Main Street and into some of the quirky, independent shops. There are a couple of main car parks to choose from in the centre if you're thinking of visiting, or it's easily accessible by train (or even steam train!) should you need public transport.

Note: Remember to bring change for the parking meters. We did not.

We then ventured around Bronte Country. Starting at the bottom of Penistone Hill Country Park, we headed across the fields feeling very much like we were in our own Kathy and Heathcliff 'lost on the moors' situation. It even rained, just for the occasion.

Penistone Hill Country Park | The Dress Diaries

Yorkshire hills

Climbing to dangerous heights in Yorkshire

Selfie on the moors, a modern day Kathy and Heathcliff without the drama

Panoramic view of Penistone Hill Country Park

It was a really lovely day out and even though we didn't quite make it to the top and weren't entirely sure how to find Bronte Falls (a famous but apparently unspectacular feature on this walking route) - we had a fab time. Yorkshire is such a lovely place to live and you're never far away from somewhere beautiful to roam outdoors.

Where's your favourite spot in Yorkshire, or have you ever visited?