Wine and charcuterie meat in Leeds

You're more likely to find me drinking a pint than sipping a glass of wine, I'll be honest, but when I was invited to try out the 'Grape vs. Grain' tasting event in Leeds I thought it would be interesting to see which faired better.

The aim of the evening was to decide, over 4 individual rounds, whether the wine or beer pairings chosen by the experts complimented the meat provided by Cannon & Cannon.

The Yorkshire Wine School run events like these regularly, and this one in particular introduced our group to a variety of red and white wines that were expertly paired with chosen meats. We were offered a beer alternative - selected by the location's counterpart, Friends of Ham - also paired spectacularly with the food and it became a difficult decision!

Wine and charcuterie meat in Leeds

Cannon & Cannon charcuterie platter

My diet is generally 80% vegetarian, so to spend the evening tucking into delicious charcuterie was something different! The specific details of just how much time and effort went into creating these platters, and how important they found it to use every part of the animal for meat was interesting.

My knowledge of wine is pretty limited so it was great to understand the flavours of both red and white options, alongside some incredible cuts of meat. From a heavy stout to a tasty IPA, the beer options were smashing too.

My verdict overall? Beer!

It was (to my surprise) very close though and the rest of the group had a majority wine win - not a shock as the wine choices were spot on. If you fancy taking part in an event like this, or one of the many others on offer there (they do cheese tasting too!) take a look at the website.

Meat and wine at Ham & Friends

What do you think you'd prefer? Grape or Grain?



Disclaimer: I was kindly invited to attend this event for free by I Like Press, who are wonderful. There was no obligation to rave about it - but how could I not - and all opinions are my own.