My friends and I visited Stockholm recently and amongst many memorable things we did (the ABBA museum, for instance) we also ventured to a couple of notable areas in the city. Here's an overview of some of the food and drink places we found on our travels in Gamla Stan and Sรถdermalm, including  places I'd definitely recommend if you have the opportunity to visit.

Gamla Stan

The old town in Stockholm is the recognisable, small area of colourful buildings you may have seen on Pinterest and Instagram. A place to rival Nyhavn in Copenhagen, these streets are wonderfully pretty and full of quirky cafes and souvenir shops to boot.

Gamla Stan - colourful buildings

We ventured to Gamla Stan and spotted the loveliest cafe, Kaffekoppen, so we headed there on our last day to celebrate Fettisdagen (The Fat Tuesday - similar in tradition to pancake day!)

Gamla Stan - cute coffee shop front in old town Stockholm

Semlor - a sweet Swedish delicacy

The Swedish semlor - a sweet, cinnamon roll filled with almond paste and whipped cream - is something I knew was a must when visiting Stockholm over Shrove Tuesday. Although cinnamon and almond paste are absolutely not my favourites, I tried this glorious looking roll - because, well, when in Sweden - and was pleasantly surprised.

Apparently they also so offer a jam version, so next time I'll be back to sample that instead!

Record Store in Stockholm

Gamla Stan

It's ridiculously easy to find your way around Stockholm.

We walked absolutely everywhere, from our hotel in the East of the city, through to the old town and right across the water to Sodermalm. If you don't fancy doing 25,000 steps a day however, the T-Bana system (the underground) is a simple way to get around. There are stations littered around each neighbourhood and many run till the early hours.


This part is suggested to be the 'hip' area of Stockholm, so we tried out a couple of foodie places and bars in this area like the cool kids we think we are.

There was a fantastic veggie feast at Herman's Vegetarian Restaurant and Garden Cafe. With plenty of food puns, skyline views and an incredible lunch buffet on offer every day (and it's all vegan) this is a must visit if you're ever visiting the area.

Vegetarian cafe in Stockholm

Vegetarian cafe in Stockholm

Also in Sodermalm you'll find plenty of pubs and bars to drink the night away.
Before we visited, lots of people had mentioned they thought Stockholm was really expensive. In actual fact, as with lots of European countries, it completely depends on where you go and what you buy.

In Sweden, they have Systembolaget - liquor stores who have the monopoly on selling alcohol with a volume of 3.5% or more. The only alcohol you can buy from a supermarket is weak beer and if you do want to buy something stronger, the liquor stores are only open for specific, short hours each day. Lots of the bars are very expensive if you're buying spirits and cocktails but there are definitely budget options out there.

Tourist shot in Stockholm - with Fjallraven backpackOne of my favourite finds was Baras 2 Noll - a quirky, bigger-than-it-looks drinking hole just off the main street of Sodermalm. They serve a variety of drinks including house beer and cider for a mere £1.80 - it's a pretty sure bet if you're on a budget.

We also visited a great, local Krogan Soldaten Svejk in Sodermalm for our last meal in the city. Good beer and authentic, Swedish pub food (with all the cheese you could possible want) - what could be better?

Tourist shot in Stockholm - Winter

Overall, I loved Gamla Stan for it's friendly atmosphere and often touristic nature, but would love to explore Sodermalm further if I got the opportunity to visit again. There are definitely far more delights than we had time to discover!

Have you visited Stockholm? Any great food/drink places you discovered?