The ABBA Museum - Stockholm Travel - days out

This is something a little different to my first post appreciating the old town and best food/drink areas of the city (read it here.) I'm insisting you hear me out when I tell you that the ABBA Museum was the most fun a group of nearing 30 year olds twenty-somethings could have had on a trip to Stockholm.

Even if you're not the biggest fan of pop music, it's likely you've heard the entirety of ABBA Gold in your lifetime whether you wanted to or not. The museum takes you through the history of Eurovision, Abba hitting the UK and the band member's personal lives as well as giving you an array of interactive (and hilarious) activities to do.

The ABBA Museum - Stockholm Travel - days out

The ticket you are given on entry can be scanned around the museum at different points, to record audio/visual games you can try your hand at. Everything you take part in - from terrible karaoke (well, in our case) to seeing who makes the best music producer - can then be accessed at a later date on the website and you can relive it all over again. 

 From 195 SEK per adult, it's a pretty reasonable price but as with a lot of tourist attractions in Stockholm, either buy tickets online before you visit (and save on a booking fee) OR make sure you bring your card. A lot of places in the city have a cash-free system so it's handy to have a currency card with you when you visit. I mention the Caxton FX card in this post if you want to read up on what I use when I travel!

Although this tourist attraction isn't appreciating the Swedish architecture, cuisine or their wonderful friendliness, the ABBA museum is definitely a fun afternoon out that I'd recommend whilst you're in Stockholm.

The ABBA Museum - Stockholm Travel - Platform Boots

The ABBA Museum - Stockholm Travel - days out

The ABBA Museum - Stockholm Travel - days out

We've all got guilty pleasures and it's safe to say, although we hadn't realised it before, ABBA are definitely a firm one in our hearts.