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My name's Leanne and I'm scared of driving.

Yep, I said it. I hate driving and for a while, it has been a fear-crippling - albeit small - part of my life. I passed my test in 2011, bought a car, drove it three times and then it blew up (well, it broke down because something blew up inside it) so I haven't driven for a few years as:

1. I've had no car


2. I've had no reason to.

 I came to the conclusion at the end of last year that it was about time I gave it a go. My boyfriend bought a new car this year and slowly but surely I've learnt to drive all over again. Driving isn't a necessary part of my life but there's the odd occasion I feel it would be useful and to be honest, it's something I just want to be able to overcome.

Alongside Go Girl Insurance, I've come up with some tips for either getting over a driving phobia or in general, encouraging people to make more of an effort to drive safely.


Even if you're nervous, do it over and over again. As they say - practice makes perfect - and although there are rarely perfect drivers out there, the more experience you have the better you'll become.
Before you know it, this skill will become second nature!


You'll feel much more comfortable being knowledgable about your car and in turn, be a much better (and safer) driver if you brush up on what your dashboard means. Go Girl's dashboard graphic is a humorous take on this and you can read more on their website. Be that person to stick to the speed limit and a good role model on the road.

GoGirl insurance dashboard graphic


Once you've passed your test or are getting back into driving, it's easy to forget what you've been taught in your lessons and pick up bad driving habits. Practicing these (mirror, signal, manoeuvre - the works!) will keep them fresh in your mind on the road.

Another important factor of staying safe is making sure your car is in full working order and being fully insured for anything, just in case something DOES go wrong. You can get new driver insurance from Go Girl here and also have the option to take out optional extras like Breakdown Cover so you know help is at hand if ever you need roadside assistance.


Tell yourself: I can do it.

Believe in yourself because the likelihood is that your fear comes from self-doubt. Thinking positive thoughts rather than the awful 'what if' situations. I read something recently: 'worrying is like walking around with an umbrella and expecting it to rain'.

Have a positive outlook on the situation and it will have a great impact.


Step out of the comfort zone of having someone tell you how and what to do. If you've recently passed your test and are stepping in to your car by yourself for the very first time, use it as an opportunity to become your own kind of driver. You don't have to worry about taking a left too early or adding an extra twenty minutes to the journey.

You can put into practice the knowledge you've learnt in real-life situations and interact with other drivers on the road, solo; no-one waving their hand or thanking someone on your behalf.

I hope these tips have helped you somehow or even if you're a bad-ass, safe woman driver already, it's been an interesting read!

Do you relate to this at all? Do you love driving?
Let me know!



This post is sponsored by GoGirl Insurance.