As a lot of young people in the UK (including my 18 year old sister - now I definitely feel old) will be heading to University for the first time in September, I've decided to write a short series about my experience.

Everyone's experience will be very different but I hope this can shed some light on any worries or fears you may have about moving away from home, money troubles or whether this is the right path for you.

Bridlington - View of girl on bench at the East Yorkshire coast

First Year

Freshers' Week

Freshers' Week was a whirlwind of alcohol-fuelled fun, awkward ice-breakers and realising that no-one actually needed to buy any of the books on the reading list. A lot of mine was spent sitting in our shared kitchen (top floor, Block D, holla) playing Ring of Fire and drinking a hell of a lot of Strongbow.

What I'd recommend if you're worried about making friends? Just say hi. Whenever you see people, just say hello and as you're all in the same boat, you'll find many people will want to continue the conversation and make friends too. I'm not a particularly introverted person so I didn't find it too nerve-wracking introducing myself to the people I shared halls with but it was still easier than I imagined. Also, if you find yourself in the company of people you don't get on with - you don't have to hang round with them.

Say yes to things that are happening in Freshers' week and try your best to pack as much into your schedule as humanly possible. You'll be tired but trust me, you can spend the remainder of the year catching up on sleep.

Moving away from home

You may or may not be having to move away from your family/friends when you go to university but it's not as scary as it may seem. Look at it this way, university is a chance to increase your friendship circle as well as experiencing new cultures, more people's opinions and generally stepping out of your comfort zone. There's also nothing stopping you from experiencing amazing nights out in cities across the country, with the rest of your friends who have also moved away!

Living by yourself also means you gain a lot of independence (hopefully) and get to grips with adult life problems and having to solve them without your parents. Even if all you survive on is beer and pot noodles, the plus is that you're doing it all by yourself.


The work was easy enough. In first year in most cases, you only need to pass each module to stay on till your second year and the grades don't actually count towards your final university degree at all. I managed to salvage a 'compensated pass' mark (below the required 40 mark but as I was average at everything else I was given the benefit of the doubt) in my web design module, the only one I really struggled with. 

We were given the opportunity to take a free elective and if you get the chance, definitely go for it. This is a module of your own choice, it's either course related or you can take a punt on something completely different or new. I opted for Dance Technique as I'm quite an active person and it was honestly the best choice I made. I met new people, developed my dance skills and it was a hugely welcome break from sitting in front of a Mac or with my head in a book.

Basically, explore new things and learn but don't worry too much. If you attend lectures as much as you can (we can forgive you that one time you were still drunk in the 9am core module...) and keep your head above water then you'll be fine.


Join a team. It sounds cliche and here I am - a hypocrite - as I didn't join any team in my first year. If you're into sport, music, theatre, whatever, see if there's a team you can join to expand your friendship circle. Even if you decide the actual training or rehearsals aren't up your street, you're bound to enjoy the social aspect of being part of the group.

Fancy dress is actually a thing. Rule #1 of moving into any student hall is make sure you have plenty of great (and cheap) dress-up ideas. It's a surefire way to make friends when you're all drunk and dressed like golfers, downing a pint ten pubs in a row. Just me? Okay...


I didn't have a part-time job during my first year of uni and looking back, I'm pretty glad. Although a lot of people are scared off by the dreaded 'tuition fees' it's actually not something you need to worry about at all. Yes, you spend your life paying it off but it's not noticeable in your pay check and it's likely to be a long time before you even have to start.

I got a typical student loan, enough to cover accommodation, food and a little extra. Most of this was spent on going out and buying things I didn't need if I'm honest. One word of advice is: overdraft. Now, please don't get me wrong. BE CAREFUL when using overdraft because it isn't your money and you won't get it free of charge forever. There comes a time you need to pay it off and luckily for me, I spent the Summer after first year earning money from my full time job to put towards this. If it weren't for my overdraft throughout the entirety of the course however, I definitely would've struggled. So if you need to dip in to it? Don't feel bad.

I hope this is marginally useful to anyone who is headed off in September, let me know if you have any other queries or even, if you're a graduate whether you relate to anything I've said already!
Second year experience to come soon...




I'm heading to Benicassim festival next week, with a stop off in Barcelona on the way and I'm SO excited for it. As well as getting away from the UK weather for a while, it's somewhere I've never been before and it's going to be great to finally explore the city.

As it's been a while since my last beach holiday, I've treated myself to some Summer sale bargains and thought it would make a nice change to feature them here for you guys, if you're also lucky enough to be headed somewhere with sunshine!


Everything featured here is from ASOS. I've had a couple of issues with their deliveries in the past few months which has been disappointing but they've really stepped up their game for Summer and these items are perfect. They also have their new A-List points scheme, which finally means we get some cool rewards for spending a lot of money on there (which I absolutely do.)

This amazing halterneck dress is something easy to throw on that looks great. I have a huge thing for stripes right now so it only made sense to add a number to my Summer wardrobe. 

ASOS // was £22 now £13

I have literally one bikini top and various mix and match bottoms, so I thought it about time I invest in a proper set. This lovely paisley print set wasn't too expensive and I love the design of the top and the fact it has straps. Hopefully the white and navy will look fab if I can bag myself a nice tan before the holiday is over!

ASOS // top £16 briefs now £8

Brown leather sandals from ASOS

These sandals are really comfy and although maybe a little grandma-esque I love, love, love them. Tan will go with most of the outfits I'm taking along with me and they're a great alternative to flip flops, a style that I will never be a fan of.

ASOS // was £35 now £24

Pretty, colourful kimono for a holiday - bought from ASOS

The prettiest of all. This kimono is SO BEAUTIFUL and I can't stop looking at it.
This will be perfect for days at the beach AND can also be an extra colourful layer on a night-time. 

ASOS (similar) // bought for £16

Sports luxe bardot top from ASOS

After buying a similar sports-luxe crop top from Boohoo and it turning out to be of terrible quality, I found an alternative whilst browsing ASOS which apparently, is also from Boohoo anyway. This is a bardot style (check the link below for a better picture!) and although I'm not used to these, I'm sure it'll look great paired with my Levi shorts.

ASOS // bought for £12

South Beach official t-shirt for holiday

This is by far one of my favourites. I love the cartoon and graphic tee trend at the minute, particularly when it's Summer themed. South Beach items have been strewn all over social media this season so I'm excited to finally own something of my own, I'm planning on a bikini next.

ASOS (sold out) // bought for £9

And that's the most of my ASOS haul and I hope it inspired you to find some similar items or Summer shop for yourself. I bought other bits and pieces from various online and high street stores, I may well feature another haul video after my holiday.

Let me know where you find your holiday clothes, particularly swimwear!





Glastonbury, you've been a pleasure all over again this year.

I wait 365 days and the sun shines and the cider flows, then poof, it's all gone and I've another year to wait. Here are some snaps (I only took my camera out for one day, I was drunk the remaining five of them) of the field this year.

Ribbon Tower at Glastonbury

Glastonbury - Greenfields and Avalon 'Flowers to the People'

Glastonbury toilets - Michael Eavis Bowie

Glastonbury - Hot air balloon feature

David Bowie tribute - Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury

Group photo in the crowd at Glastonbury

Coldplay light show at Glastonbury 2016

Coldplay light show and flares at Glastonbury 2016

Sunset at Glastonbury

I had amazing company this year with old and new friends, there were lots of sunrise and sunsets and the music was incredible. Hello, from the other side of the most magical place on Earth.
(ten glasto points if you get that reference)