MAY GOALS // 2016

Eat more

So this is not the typical health related goal you'd expect in a monthly resolution but this month is Leeds Indie Food festival. It's only right that I pledge to enjoy this and eat my own body weight in brunch and burgers. Not only this, I'm attempting to actually eat what I should in relation to fitness classes and the gym. When this means carb loading? I'm totally in.

Be kind(er)

I don't say this as if being kind is a huge new venture for me, I like to think I'm quite considerate as it is! I just mean I want to spread a little more happiness around, whether it be for strangers or friends.

Dream bigger

These days, young people have so many opportunities they can take advantage of no matter their background. I read an article on Career Girl Daily that inspired me to maybe dream a little bit bigger in terms of career (read it here) and you know what? It's perfectly possible for us all to live the life the way we imagine it.

Okay so maybe we won't all pack up our things and emigrate to a sunny island somewhere but we definitely have a say in what we do with our lives. It's short, let's do what we love and what we're good at and take it somewhere.

Prepare for Summer

That means a new(ish) wardrobe, planning trips and festivals and generally looking forward to my favourite season. It also means hitting the gym and doing more yoga. It also covers saving a bit of money to actually spend in the sunshine. So, a lot, basically.

What are your plans for May?