How to create a vintage-inspired gallery wall

Having moved in almost a year ago, we've threatened to start a gallery wall in the living room for a very long time. Last month, we finally got around to re-painting and there's now a wonderful collection of eclectic frames on our wall and I couldn't be happier about it.

Collect a few frames or pieces you like or fit with a 'theme' if that's your plan, whether it be from high street shops or vintage fairs. Ours consist of various gold or wooden frames from Homesense (the UK's absolute best homeware store in my opinion), Ebay, and charity shops.

Here are some tips on what to do with these once you've built up a small collection!

Various eclectic photo frames for a gallery wall

Plan, plan, plan

Prep these various bits and pieces before you even think about picking up a hammer...

1. Paint/clean/dust the area you're planning to use

2. Check that all photo frames have a hook (and whether it hangs portrait or landscape! We had to do some hook surgery...)

3. Decide on a shape or rough layout you want to aim for - Pinterest some inspiration for this, there's a whole host of ideas on this board here

Mirror and prep for gallery wall display

Get the right gear

Make sure you have all relevant tools - this should include at least:

Paper & blu-tack; fold paper into the size of each frame and stick it on the wall in a rough order. It allows you to move the placement of frames around before committing to a final layout.
I found this method so, so useful.

Nails and hooks, depending on the wall surface you're working with. You might want screws if you're installing items other than frames or mirrors.

Hammer, for obvious reasons

Spirit level and a tape measure, to ensure the frames all end up straight and a good distance apart, even if you're going for that 'mismatched, oh i just threw it up there' feel

Hammer in action for gallery wall installation

Check as you go

It's handy to have two people working on this, if there's quite a large number of frames to put up. Myself and David could step back and give individual opinions on where we liked each frame first then we'd just put it where I decided anyway.

My advice? Start in the middle.

As the mirror was our largest piece, we decided on the central point of the wall and where to hang this first before working around it. It meant we could work outwards and use more space to the left or right of this, if we needed to.

Don't just put all of them up once you're happy with an initial layout. Check you're happy after every frame and make sure you re-measure if you're not.

Close up of gallery wall photo frames

Fill your frames

We still have a couple of empty frames that I plan to print some holiday photographs for. The rest include a piece of art David bought me one birthday, a printed book page from Etsy and a couple of quirky postcards from my travels.

You could, like us, put up personal pictures or memories from places you've been. If you want to go for the 'pinterest-y inspirational quote' look though, there are loads of places to find great prints.

Some of my favourites are:

Nouvelle Daily, Paperchase and Ohh Deer if you want to check these out!

Completed gallery wall

I love the mismatched theme and it definitely matches the rest of our interior. Hopefully, this post was useful and you feel inspired to create your own gallery wall, be in vintage or super modern.