Twenty things I've learnt in my early twenties

I turned 24 this month.

Not only is it a year until I'm officially a 'mid-twenty' but this is the last year I have to check the '16-24' age bracket box when filling in forms and I don't think I'm ready for that.

On reflection of my recent 'adult' years - when I'm still very unsure of what being an adult actually consists of - I've put together some of the most important things I've learnt.

1. 24 year olds do NOT have their shit together

2. Young adults are broke. Always.

3. We've come full circle and still wear babygrows bodies

4. Travelling the world is not as feasible as it may seem

5. Sometimes, wearing a t-shirt, jeans and converse is acceptable night out attire.

6. A 9-5 office job is actually a welcome change from a weekend job in retail/hospitality

7. University isn't necessary but definitely fun

8. Living by yourself isn't all it's cracked up to be

9. At least one of your friends will get engaged/have a child/get a mortgage and you'll feel the pressure

10. You'll have an epitome at some point that your life needs to change

11. Tattoos hurt but are so worth it

12. One night stands are not as fun as Tinder will have you believe

13. A lot of the friends you make will move away and leave a friend-shaped hole in your heart until you whatsapp them for a few hours at a time

14. If you've been a string bean for your entire teenage life, you'll realise now you actually need to put effort into keeping your figure

15. You stop ordering pints (well, sometimes) and start ordering bottles of wine

16. You develop a love/hate relationship for people your age who have children

17. Having a nap > going out

18. It's still not okay to wear pedal pushers

19. Enjoying giving presents more than receiving them is actually a thing

20. I'm still not responsible enough to look after a pet

Do you relate? Let me know. If you're 25 or over, let me know what else I actually have to look forward to.