So in 2014, I started a series of 'monthly goals' (read some old ones here, here and here) posts to help encourage me to focus on small improvements to my life at once. These series often flit in and out as I have time to write them but I do find them really useful. Writing down small goals in black and white often spurs you on to do something to achieve them.

Sometimes it's easy to set your aims too high and if you make 10,634 resolutions, it's likely you're going to break most of them and inevitably feel bad when you do.

For April, I want to focus on me, me, me. I'm quite a selfish independent person but I really don't give myself much of a break when it comes to focussing on the things I really want to spend my time doing. Here's a few things I'm planning to start this month:


It's safe to say I'm not a gym bunny. I mean, I've tried like the best of us but it's not for me. I've found a saviour in aerial hoop classes which means I really get a kick out of working out and having fun at the same time. One thing this focusses on however is strength, so although I may have biceps like the Hulk by the time I'm done I won't be as fit as I'd like to be in general.

Yoga is something that I think I could really take to, if I just spend the time needed on doing it. I'm quite a spiritual being (which people probably find surprising) so switching off and focussing mind and body in unison is a huge goal for me.


In complete contrast to yoga, driving is something that fills me with fear. I don't know why it is but I've managed to turn a useful life skill into something that I try to avoid with a passion. After having a breakdown over a parking space this week, it's been decided I should probably get some driving lessons to recap and hopefully, give me a confidence boost.

I'll keep you updated...


I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of hearing myself say the same thing over and over: I'm going to sort my flat out. It's certainly not in a terrible state but I really want a lot less clutter and I have a tendency to keep things I have no need or use for.

It's time to be ruthless, grab some bin bags and CLEAR SHIT OUT.


I've not seen some of my favourite people for a while now, just because as always, life gets in the way. We're scattered around the country and often it's difficult to find a time to catch up that suits us. Next weekend I'm heading to Stockport to see my best friend's new place for the first time and have all the LOLs and I'm really excited about it.

I'm planning lots of meals out and day trips with other friends I've missed a lot, too and this makes me super happy.

What do you want to achieve in April?