I'm currently studying a fitness course which I've wanted to do for a really long time. As long as I've been in education, I've taken part in dance and sports in particular and it's something that seems to have stuck with me. The only issue with a distance learning course is that it takes a massive amount of self-discipline and time management, something that I'm yet to master!

I'm writing up a schedule for the weeks to come including set times of studying which will hopefully get me on the right track. The next step? Stationery that will motivate and inspire me to work!

 The lovely Becky from Study Notebook Co kindly sent me one of her creations to help me with revision woes and I've absolutely fallen in love. It comes with note cards and stickers and just look at how pretty the marbled mint cover is!

The book is customised to your needs, mine being a mixture of plain and lined paper which is PERFECT for taking notes and drawing diagrams without having to faff with multiple bits of paper.

It's by far the prettiest part of my desk at the minute - the gold spiral binder to match the gold lettering is a dream. With a few bits of washi tape and a pack of pretty felt tips, I'm pretty much set.

I'm definitely better off for having this in my stationery drawer and I'm hoping it'll be what gets me through this course!

Check out some more notebooks on the website here and let me know if you have any study tips for me!