Headingley - a.k.a student capital of Leeds - is chock full of enticing places to eat and drink, so where better than here to welcome a wonderfully quirky independent restaurant?

Khana Bombay Cafe serves classic Bombay dishes in a super zen-like atmosphere, with some amazing cocktails thrown in. To say this place has only been open since February, it's already made a huge stamp on the area. They're also partial to a great value offer or two, so make sure you follow them on Twitter to keep up to date before you visit!

Myself and a pal were lucky enough to be invited to their press night to sample some of the menu and it's safe to say *spoiler alert* we were left absolutely stuffed.

For ourstarters, which took us so long to decide on we were offered poppadoms in the meantime (!) we opted for the dahi bhalla (hot dumplings) and aloo tikki (cold, fried potatoy-onion deliciousness.) Both of these were great and actually went perfectly well together, would definitely recommend sharing these with whoever is lucky enough to across the table from you.

Our main courses were the jalhandari saag paneer and chole batura, the latter always being one of my favourites in an indian restaurant so I obviously had to try it here too! The jalhandari saag (creamy spinach) brought some welcome greens to the table amongst the carb-fest we ordered - we got naan bread and bombay potatoes too, don't judge us.

Everything was super tasty and of course, it's the perfect place to visit if you're a fan of spice in your food. I'm a massive fan of curries and hot food but the bombay potatoes were something else!

After protesting a lot about how we'd be unable to stomach any dessert unfortunately, the lovely staff encouraged us to try the chikandar halwa, which is vanilla icecream with beetroot. Think that sounds questionable?

I hear you, I was sceptical at first but it actually turned out to be amazing.
If there's one thing you try at Khana Bombay that's out of your comfort zone, make sure it's this.

To say neither of us are actually vegetarian, we ended up with a completely veggie-friendly meal because the dishes sounded so tasty. Definitely somewhere to keep in mind if meat isn't your thing.

With beautiful cocktails, craft beer, nautical inspired decor and a huge selection of vegetarian dishes, Khana Bombay definitely caters for everyone. For the great prices as well, it's well worth venturing out of the city centre. Plus, you can head next door to Arc for a drink after too ;)

Massive thanks to PG & HL for the invite and the Khana Bombay staff who were superb. Visit the website here to peruse their food and drinks menu if you're not sold already!

Does Khana Bombay sound like your cup of tea
East India Cocktail?