You can bet that the majority of bloggers started writing their blog as a hobby. Whether they enjoy keeping a diary of their day, reviewing their favourite products or offering advice to others. What happens though, when you get swept up in it all and realise that blogging is taking up too much of your time and becoming stressful?

Before reading this, please don't get the impression I'm judging people by what they feel is or isn't important when it comes to blogging! Your piece of the internet is wholly yours to do with whatever you please and I love how passionate people can be about it. Some of these things also apply to those who are writing a blog as their full time job and that's okay, we all have our differences and here are the things that I've learnt personally through my time writing on The Dress Diaries.

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You don't always have to say YES

It's so easy to be swept up into blogging oblivion and inundate your schedule with free events. I love seeing people at launch events and it's always nice to meet people who I've only ever seen before in their Twitter pic.

On the other hand, sometimes I want to have a night at home watching Strictly, or a catch up with friends where we pay for our food and drink in full (shock, horror). Your blog will not suffer if you turn down the odd event (unless you rely on these for content, then you're all kinds of mistaken to begin with) so just relax. If you don't feel like it, don't do it.

Numbers don't matter

Now, when it comes to that day every month/every 3 months (I don't even know) and there's an outcry on Twitter of 'oh my god, my DA has gone down!' I breathe a heavy, heavy sigh. I'm absolutely behind everybody who wants to improve and have their blog move up in the world but honestly? A number on a website is solely not going to do it.

Yes it's marginally important to some brands but I'd much rather people try opportunities for being an honest and hard working person, not because they whinge about how much of a struggle increasing their DA is.

It shouldn't be a negative part of your life

There have been a lot of cries of 'I'm taking a break' and 'It's getting me down' recently in regards to people feeling their blog isn't as successful/improving/pretty as they'd like it to be. We all really need to take a step back and re-evaluate. It's great to be good at something but come on, if there's anything I'm going to get stressed over it's certainly not going to be some writing on the internet that I don't even get paid for. Take that how you will.

Lose that sense of entitlement

There's been all kinds of uproar about blogger entitlement but I'm hoping it's few and far between (macaron, anyone?) If you started writing a blog last month and you've got 1000 views OR you've had your blog for over 5 years, do not and I repeat, DO NOT cry about it if you're the only blogger who didn't receive that new moisturiser sample through the post to review.

When invited to events, it's easy to compare it to others you've attended. If one offers you a three course meal and free beer all night, it's likely you'll write much more about it than the event that gave you a cocktail and a single canapé. This still doesn't mean you should complain or write a half arsed, conceited blog post about it. If it weren't for an establishment or PR company inviting you in the first place, that free pina colada wouldn't be in your hand at all.

Write about what you love

This is really tricky territory here though it really shouldn't be. If you want to make money from your blog, it makes sense to a lot of bloggers to write about things they'd been given or sponsored for in order to pay for their electricity bill or their weekly shopping. Sometimes, it's something completely out of their comfort zone and really obscure, like when someone writes a post about a dog collar when their blog is usually about beauty.

I've reviewed all sorts of random things and not necessarily those I would go out and buy myself BUT it's always something I'm interested in trying or I know would be useful to me. I don't choose things 'my readers' will enjoy, I write for myself and about things I know. This is my hobby and one I really enjoy and hopefully people appreciate it's about the things in life that interest me. If they interest you also? Win.

Do you have any tips for people who feel consumed by blogging?

I am far from what other bloggers would call 'successful' but I've definitely achieved a lot of things writing my blog and I'm hoping to improve every day. This being said, I hope some of you can relate to this post and remember it's about doing what you enjoy!