It's that time of year again. When January 1st comes around and everyone dons their overpriced Adidas gear and takes to the gym they think is totally worth £45 a month. Then this month, all of those plans go to shit and instead of training to run 26 miles, we're sat on the sofa watching the latest Netflix fad and bringing a completely new meaning to the word 'marathon'.

According to Engadget a LOT of people received a FitBit for Christmas and I'm here to share some of my top tips with you. I'm far from the top of my friends list on FitBit but I'll be working hard to change that this year!


You can connect your FitBit to various other apps and simultaneously track the same exercise on both. Bounts is my chosen app of this year; not only will you rack up the steps and active minutes on FitBit, you'll receive rewards based on a points system. When you have enough bounts, you can swap them for a decent high street voucher.

If you want to join, use my code 'morgan712' and we both get 100 points. Win, win. 


It sounds obvious but you don't really have to make an entire lifestyle change, just do more walking. If you could walk to work and just choose not to (and in the Winter weather, I see where you're coming from) then that's already a few thousand steps you're missing out on. If you use public transport, walk the long way from the train station to your house or get off the bus a stop early. You'll be surprised at how much a small change will affect your daily step goals.

Challenge yourself (then others)

Adding friends to your list on the FitBit app can sometimes be a little depressing if you're always at the bottom. Don't let this put you off, use it as motivation to step up your game.

The whole point of FitBit is to increase your own awareness of your fitness and keep a track of your progress. Make yourself daily goals, set alarms on your FitBit to remind you to keep active and concentrate on achieving your step count goals every day. When you've mastered this, then make it your mission to challenge others and get to the top!


For Christmas, I received new straps for my FitBit and I love being able to change it daily! FitBit have their own range of straps in various colours and styles: have a look here. Mine are a set of patterned straps that were found on Amazon but there are also some available on eBay. My next purchase will be one with a watch strap, they're much more practical for high energy workout classes and there's less chance of it flying from my wrist whilst in the middle of Zumba (true story!)

These are just a few of the tips I have for using a gadget to track your progress this year. Hope this is useful and have a wonderful 2016 mastering the FitBit and using it to help you achieve your goals!

What are your fitness goals for 2016?