There's a word people tend to overuse in the month of January, other than 'gym' and 'resolutions' and that word is 'detox'.

All hell broke loose as soon as the festive season hit and I know as well as the next person what it feels like to utter the phrase 'I'm never drinking again'. In all seriousness though, as much as I enjoy the indulgence of Christmas and New Year it feels great to swap your diet and cut the alcohol down just to refresh your body at the start of the year.

I was contacted by T+ Wellness Drinks in Harrogate (holler to local businesses) who have created a range of green tea with vitamins. It's nothing new that I'm into green tea but with the promise of added goodness in these particular ones, I had to give them a go.


The T+ Boost is green tea mixed with ginseng and yerba mate (which originates in areas of South America; leaves from the plant are infused and are a naturally a great source of nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants AND caffeine. Now you don't need to Google it, you're welcome.)

It's crammed with raspberry & pomegranate pieces and B vitamins for a genuine energy boost so it's a great cuppa to start the day with.

Now, green tea will never completely quench my thirst for a Yorkshire Tea brew but having T+ on a morning for a change has done me the world of good. It also smells amazing.


This is my favourite of the two because of the apple and blackcurrant flavours combined. There's ginger and dandelion roots in there as well as added B and C vitamins so it's a great way to implement that health kick. Let's be honest, we all need a keep up to the detox we promised ourselves on January 1st.

This is without a doubt you're new hangover essential. Trust me, I should know.

These teas are also all natural, so there's no fear of added sugar, chemicals or colouring. They taste good all by themselves!

Not everybody is a fan of green tea because it can be a little bitter and is certainly an acquired taste. T+ wellness drinks add that extra yum factor and familiarity with fruit, as well as a bonus of daily vitamins to kelp your body get exactly what it needs.

The T+ range isn't one of the cheapest options out there but it's far from expensive. You can mix & match the ranges or they have options combining some of the flavours that best suit your lifestyle. The multi-vitamin box is my next venture I think!

They're great value for money and it's certainly quali-tea. See what I did there?

Find out more on their website here.

Did you resolve to get healthier this year?



This post includes items sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I love that this is a local business with a strong niche in the market, and in one of my favourite markets (tea!) for that matter.

Also featured, my Marauders Map mug I got for Christmas. Thanks David!