I'm no stranger to a good cocktail or ten so when Taste Cocktails sent me their espresso martini kit, Christmas Eve seemed the perfect afternoon to try it out.

Espresso cocktails are a huge trend at the minute and I've not yet jumped on the bandwagon, so I was excited to give it a go. We grabbed all our ingredients (note: cocktail shaker and coffee is NOT included) and put our mixing skills to the test. There's a number of cocktail mixtures to try using the liqueurs in the kit and don't forget the ice!

This kit is a really easy way of creating a few great cocktails without the price tag of purchasing all your own alcohol and leaving the bottles at the back of the cupboard for the remainder of the year. Come on, we all have that bottle of martini/whisky/baileys that we bought to experiment with four Christmases ago, right?

We decided on creating the classic 'Espresso Martini' and a long 'Toasted Almond' for our celebrations. Surprisingly, you don't need espresso freshly brewed from a fancy machine to create a fab cocktail. Instant coffee works just fine (although I'll be testing my mum's brand new Nespresso alongside Taste Cocktail kit later in the season, for sure!)

Mix some instant with 25ml of water per cocktail and follow the simple steps. Hot coffee dilutes the ice and creates the perfect taste. We even frosted the rim of the martini glasses using the frangelico liqueur then dipping it in sugar; just call me a mixologist extraordinaire (insert sassy emoji here).

Taste Cocktail kits make a really great gift for a loved one who are partial to a well made cocktail. I'll definitely be whipping out a cocktail kit in the run up to New Year and keep these in mind for birthday's and dinner dates with friends over 2016.

Check out their range of cocktail kits on the website here and get creative (and a bit tipsy).
I even left a martini out for Santa ;)

What's your favourite cocktail?



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