Brown leather chairs with cushion and a throw

I have moved three times in the past two years.

my parents' house
a lovely two bedroom apartment with my best friend
a not-so-lovely shared house with 15 other people
to, finally
our very own, cosy flat.

Having a fair bit of experience moving all my things from one place to another (with a lot of help from my ever so helpful boyfriend and family) inspired me to put down a few tips into writing for others who might be thinking about making the move soon!



You need to get rid of all the things you're never going to actually need before moving it all into a nice, tidy space. It's a waste of your time and energy, especially if it's going to end up being thrown out at a later date. I am not good at this.

Put money aside for 'a rainy day'

There are always things that you won't have thought about paying for when you move into somewhere new. You might find out that not all your bills are covered like you thought they were in the contract. Did you remember to plan for buying your TV license or do you need to buy all your kitchen essentials because you didn't actually bring any of your own?

IKEA bags are the way forward

Or any huge 'bag for life' as we call them in the UK - is this a global thing?

Basically, these are lifesavers for all those clothes you thought would fit into two suitcases or just the general 'Oh, I almost forgot those' sort of things. You can pile about 20, if not more, into your car and they're easy to manoeuvre into your new place. It also encourages you to unpack ASAP because you won't be able to remember which bag you put which things in.

Book out a friend or family member for the whole weekend

Especially if they have a car. Seriously, it might take a few trips and a lot of bribes but it's much nicer to have some company in the moving of your things. Moving vans can be expensive and although it could be done in one trip, unless you're moving entire districts I'd look to a friend for help first.

If you're moving any time soon, then believe me when I wish you all the luck in the world!