Leeds is constantly evolving in the way of boutique fashion and I'm sure there'll be many more to come, along with the new Victoria Gate shopping centre we're expecting next year. One of the newest additions to the high street is Denham

I've previously heard of the brand name but never known quite to the extent their passion and input in the world of denim. The aptly named director Jason Denham founded the brand in Amsterdam in 2008 and now, they're all over the world. If you want to find out more about them, check out their website - when you've finished reading, of course!

As a Yorkshireman himself, Leeds is now home to the first flagship store in the North and I was lucky enough to get the chance to have a tour of the store and find out more about the meaning behind Denham.

On entrance to the store, one thing that stands out is the crisp, clean layout. Unlike Topshop and other high street retailers which can sometimes resemble a jumble sale (particularly on a Saturday afternoon) Denham showcases it's products in a way that is wonderfully, Instagram worthy. Against white walls, rails of seasonal clothing are arranged into colour and trend - fashion blogger heaven.

Their main collection though, are the denim jeans. Can you think of any person in your life who doesn't own a pair of jeans? No? Exactly. These are available all year round with various additions throughout the seasons.

Many of the jeans are on display using the quirky scissor hooks or in rows to browse freely. They really make shopping a memorable experience and the attention to detail is immense.

I was really excited to try on some of the jeans and opted for a pair of high rise, black skinnies (what else?!) and fell in love. These will be featured in an outfit post coming soon so keep an eye out! I will say however, the fit is spot on (thanks Rachel from the store, a size below normal was necessary!) and they've become my Autumn staple pair.

One of my favourite features of Denham is the personal wardrobe service. Other boutique stores offer a personal shopper service but Denham go above and beyond this to help a customer get the best shopping experience. You can book an appointment in advance to use their personal wardrobe space for yourself or even a group, with added refreshments, music and as much time as you need to shop away from the crowds.

We were treated to our own cupcakes and refreshments during our tour, all with the same care and precision of the brand and their logo adorning everything.  Encompassing the 'scissors' theme throughout everything from their coat hooks to the coffee cups, the Denham slogan 'The truth is in the details' is absolutely apparent.

I loved the idea that each shop around the world is very similar in design, they even serve the same coffee as they do in Amsterdam! The customer service factor continues through each continent too and this is a massive reason why Denham have that magic something that other retailers lack.

Overall, the Denham environment and ethos is fantastic and it's definitely worth a browse. If you want to know more, pop into the store, grab a coffee and have a chat to the staff. They're uber knowledgeable about every product and it's clear they have passion in what they do. You never know, you might find your dream pair of jeans whilst you're at it.



This review features products given to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I adore jeans, so what a great place to be invited.