I'm no stranger to live music and when I had the opportunity to visit the First Direct Arena in Leeds with the beautiful Kayleigh (from VeryBerryCosmo) I couldn't wait. We were invited to the BBC 1Xtra Live event with Three and not only did we get to experience Lethal Bizzle (such a guilty pleasure) - we got to experience it using a brand new Samsung S6 for the night.

As a Windows Phone user (yes, I'm that person) it was interesting to finally get my hands on an android. Aesthetically, the phone is beautiful and super easy to use. Immediately, I was signed into every social media platform possible in preparation for a night of music and cider.

The event included a huge list of acts all performing live for BBC Radio 1Xtra.

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We spent a bit of time figuring out the Samsung special features, a favourite being the manual focus. Instagram and blogger perfection, this feature creates a perfectly out of focus background and you can adjust the exposure in just a second. 

Going into a dark arena, the full capabilities of any smartphone camera are tested but I was pleasantly surprised with this particular one. It's by no means a 'one-shot' success (is there ever?) but it certainly caught the moment from a distance.

Natalie La Rose has become an addition to my playlist after her awesome performance. I'd not heard about her before but immediately recognised a couple of her hits and she rocked the stage with her equally stunning, female dancers. Lethal Bizzle was a highlight too, he absolutely did not disappoint and had everyone on their feet with 'Pow!' That guy is the epitome of cool.

The phone has optical image stabilisation which makes shooting in this kind of environment so much easier, although it still takes a few attempts when the lighting is hopping about to the tune of 'Fester Skank'. Obviously.

Having Snapchat for a change (Windows: sort it out please) I made the most of the video function on the Samsung S6. The audio quality is great and made my friends adequately jealous, which is the point of social media, right?

The handset also has a beauty mode which I 100% regret not taking full advantage of as I was so engrossed in the music. It had the ability to take a selfie that made my face resemble a porcelain doll and who doesn't want that in their lives? Although I will say, it gets a little bit ridiculous if you use the feature at it's highest, so I'd suggest taking it down a few notches. Nobody's teeth are THAT white.

Flo Rida's 'Low' was obviously a hit, with the crowd slut dropping faster than I could drink my pint. 
Various other acts also featured at 1Xtra including a rapper named Big Fekky (I'm not even making this up), Miguel and Stormzy who I'd also never heard of. Regardless, a lot of dancing occurred and it was a brilliant atmosphere overall.

Tinie Tempah finished the night perfectly by introducing Katy B as his surprise guest and they were brilliant! With a catalogue of songs that have utterly catchy lyrics, he eventually had the entire crowd singing 'Written in the Stars'.

Thanks so much to Three and Arena Media for a great night - I wish I'd taken more selfies but the shots of the night were spot on!

Find out more about the handset here and let me know if you're a Samsung owner, I'd love to hear your thoughts!