This year so far has featured a LOT of music events for me (namely, this lovely festival here) and the last couple of months in the year are no different. I'm so excited to see some favourites yet again (Frank - I'm looking at you) and some for the very first.

Here's a round up of some gigs I think are definitely worth grabbing a ticket for before Christmas.

Image of DHP booklet from an event at Rock City - gigs I feature may not necessarily be related to DHP and is used purely as a prop. Go DHP family!

#1 The Wombats

I bought David tickets for his birthday in JUNE this year so it's safe to say, this has been long awaited. Rock City is a great venue and with the best selection of old/new music, they smashed it.

#2 Fall Out Boy

First Direct released a few extra standing tickets a couple of weeks ago and as I hadn't bought them originally (what was I thinking?) of course, I was straight on there, six tickets in hand. One of the best decisions I've made this year because they were fantastic. It was so great to see them again after so many years since 14 year old Leanne bopped to them at Slam Dunk Festival.

#3 Jack Savoretti

I heard Tie Me Down on the radio once and was completely smitten with his voice. I wouldn't normally buy tickets for a singer after a few minutes of hearing them but he's an exception and I booked tickets straight away.

#4 The 1975

We saw these guys for the first time in Rock City so we've gone and booked ourselves a weekend in Nottingham to do it all over again. After their dramatic 'Are we splitting up, are we playing with you all?' social media ridiculousness earlier this year, it should be an amazing tour. And THEIR NEW STUFF CAME OUT THIS WEEK

#5 Frank Turner

I've mentioned time and time again my love for Frank on this blog, so just go back and refresh yourselves. It's going to be epic and as I missed him at Leeds Festival, so this will be the first time I'll hear PSFNP live! 'Get Better' will bring the house down.

#6 Saint Raymond

Nottingham are really churning out the killer singer/songwriters. This is a friend's choice and she knows her stuff (Chiara from ListenPlayLove, check her out), so we're off to check out Saint Raymond after missing him earlier this year.

#7 The Vaccines

Always a laugh and always a great performance in the North. I've never seen these with David before so I imagine we'll get very drunk and get lairy. Exactly as a Vaccines gig should be.

#8 Alt-J

These were spectacular at Glastonbury and I'm so excited to see them again in Leeds. It's such a laid back atmosphere when Alt-J are playing and, what's even better, it's essentially our work Christmas party. Cool AF.

#9 Don Broco

Another favourite from this year, it will be great to see them again but this time know more words to their songs! It's a fun, dance-y kind of gig and oof, don't they have sex appeal charisma.

What gigs have you been to/going to this year?



 Some of these events may already be sold out, soz.