I've definitely found this year's #1 Christmas scent - Frosted Plum.

The Body Shop have created some wonderful ranges and in 2014, the frosted cranberry body butter became my favourite for a long time. This year, I was kindly sent a 'Tin of Delights' featuring some of the frosted plum products that are available in The Body Shop this season.

First and foremost, can we address the beautiful packaging? The tin is a perfect gift for Christmas and I'd definitely be happy giving this unwrapped and as is. Also, I'm already doubling this one up as a cake tin!

The set includes a full size body butter, shower gel, shimmer mist and lip balm.

The lip balm rivals Mac's 'Heroine' in colour in the tin but is actually a great, clear balm. It's a really nice alternative to your regular pot of vaseline and although I'm yet to understand why you'd want a lip balm to smell nice, I'm certainly not complaining. It's definitely a permanent fixture in my handbag now.

Of course, everyone loves the body butter, don't they? My Summer scent became the virgin mojito (which I wrote about here) and I'm more than happy to swap this for the season with a frosted plum version.

The shower gel and body butter are just as great as the similar products from The Body Shop, long lasting, great value and makes your bathroom (and your body) smell like a fruity dessert.

Everything just smells SO DAMN GOOD.

This is quite a different product than any I'd normally buy for myself. Although it may look like something from the Disney store as part of a child's 'Tangled' beauty set, it's actually really lovely.

Although the scent is gorgeous, it's not a spray I can use daily because of the sparkle. That much glitter isn't ideal for the office! However, it's great for a night out spritz with a shimmer, just make sure you shake the bottle thoroughly otherwise your neck ends up a shiny, hot mess.

Without a doubt will be ordering a couple of these sets as Christmas gifts for my friends, the entire package is beautiful and the scent is an absolute winner.



This review includes products I was sent for review purposes, opinions are all my own.
I'm not obliged to write positive reviews but this happens to be bloody lovely.