I am always so jealous of men's fashion, particularly around Autumn and Winter. There's no jumper in any female department of a store that quite resembles the coziness of a men's jumper. It's a fact.

This post is focused on some of the key pieces for men this A/W which I would be more than happy to wear myself. Shopping for the seasons can be expensive, so a few wardrobe staples from Primark are always super useful. These are cheap enough to add to your wardrobe this month and then give to charity in Spring, if you're a follower of the ever-changing trends.

Alongside some permanent wardrobe accessories, it's really easy to chop and change according to this season and create some great Autumnal outfits.

My absolute favourite look is the jumper of dreams (burgundy, aran number above) which you can find in most men and women's retail stores right now. Paired with a flannel, dogtooth shirt it's a pretty smart outfit. Think posh boy meets geography teacher, that's the kind of look that's all the rage apparently.

The well-known tweed jacket is another fashion choice that resembles your Grandad's wardrobe but is unusually 'hip'. I'm not a massive fan of the shoulder patch thing but in general, the jacket is a simple addition to make any outfit a bit smarter. I mean, look at that button detailing!

This dark blue shirt was a recent find in the back of David's wardrobe which apparently no longer fits him (always read the washing instructions, kids.) I've kindly adopted it into my life and it's probably going to be my favourite item of clothing this season.

Any thick, cotton shirt is a winner for any gender. He'd wear it with some black jeans and brogues, I'll most likely be wearing it thrown over a bralet on a night out.

Another unisex piece that's huge this season is the roll neck/turtle neck jumper (can someone explain the difference please?) I bought a black one last Winter and I've turned to it every time the weather hasn't been on the warm side. David invested in his first ever grey roll neck last week (rebel) and he's sold on them too. The only issue now is having to avoid wearing them at the same time and looking like an actual pair of knobheads turtles.

Finally, two accessories to go with everything this Autumn: a statement watch and a tartan scarf.

This is actually MY scarf which I'm donating out of the kindness of my own heart - and because I'm  about to buy a brand new, beautiful replacement from ASOS. Most men I know prefer a fashionable, skinny scarf and this one is from a couple of years ago, before the blanket scarf reared it's head this time round..

The watch is a newbie that I've recently featured here thanks to Daniel Wellington sending it to myself and David and it's not been off his wrist since. It's absolutely ideal for either gender but unfortunately, I've not been able to steal it back yet.

The promotional code is still active, meaning you can grab yourself 15% any watch using the code: thedressdiaries at the checkout.

Men's fashion is a different topic for me but I'm actually really enjoying delving through someone else's wardrobe, particularly when it's this season's clothes!

What A/W trends are your favourites this year?