As many of you will already know, Joe's Bloggers arrange regular blog events and meet-ups around the country. I've been wanting to attend one of their events for a while and finally, when a craft afternoon in my hometown was announced, I signed up right away.

We were welcomed to The Riverside in Leeds city centre on a beautifully sunny day with teas and coffees, for a crafty afternoon with Joe Blogs and The Crafty Hen. It was all in association with Hillary's Blinds and their new 'Jewel: The Edit' range which you can browse here.

After a few introductions and meeting some lovely bloggers for the first time, we set to making our very own jewellery box.

We were given a selection of pretty fabrics to choose from and with the end of Summer recently passed, I tried to cling to the season by choosing some sunshine yellow pieces. As you'll see from the pictures, I became pretty attached to the pattern and featured it in absolutely EVERYTHING.

As much as I enjoy crafts I've just never been great at it. I can see in my mind exactly the wonderful masterpiece I'd like to create and then in reality, it never quite gets there. I imagine it's pretty similar to the way the bakers in GBBO envisage their creations then end up with a plate full of mushy eclairs.

Armed with scissors, fabric and a mass of double-sided sticky tape we started by covering the box lid with our chosen fabric. From there, we tackled hot glue guns to decorate the box using buttons and ribbons.

The roll inserts were probably the most difficult, due to my lack of ability to interpret instructions and control fabric. Despite this, I ended up with a lovely, handmade box!

After another tea break, we had a second challenge: Suffolk Puffs.

If you're anything like me, you're probably think what the stuff is a Suffolk Puff? Well, I don't know how they're actually related to the county of Suffolk but they're gathered pieces of material that fold over on themselves, to create a pretty, ruffled circle. The above examples are previous masterpieces by The Crafty Hen and what I tried to aspire to. Safe to say, I was quite a way off.

These were a simple running stitch in fabric which my mum would have been proud of. Then you fold them inside themselves and I managed to confuse myself spectacularly. After some (very much appreciated) assistance I managed to create three tiny puffs (with a lot of excess thread) and turned it into a lovely clip. I continued my yellow ribbon theme, of course.

Huge thanks to Joes Bloggers and Hillary's for arranging the event and a massive thank you to he wonderful ladies from The Crafty Hen for their enthusiasm and much needed help throughout the craft activities!

They do some fabulous craft sessions for special occasions so check out the website here.