So I'm generally quite an active person...
...if running to work when late and drunk dancing till 3am counts.

I'm joking but there is always room for improvement and it all starts here. Sometimes it's difficult to motivate yourself to exercise but there are so many ways to keep fit, it really doesn't need to be.

 Here's a few things I'm trying to help make fitness more of a priority in my life and it might help you towards your goals, too.

Get out of your comfort zone

As I mentioned in my fitness post last year (read it here) I'm still participating in aerial hoop classes and absolutely loving it. The amount my strength has improved since writing about it last is huge and I'm now confident enough to balance on my shoulders, hang by my ankles and generally put my life into the hold of a lyra. Make a change to your fitness routine and go for something really different. You might find you love it.

Become a fitness instructor

This year, I also ticked one off my bucket list and signed on to a fitness course which (fingers crossed) will mean next year I'll be able to teach my own exercise to music classes. Dance has always been a huge feature in my life up until recent years and it will be great to regain it. I'll be writing more about my journey with Fitness Industry Education in 2016.

Explore the community

I have an upcoming collaboration with Leeds Girls Can to take a step into my local area and find out what fitness classes are on offer. It's so easy nowadays to keep fit and you definitely don't need to do it alone. Keep up with my activities on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag - #ThisGirlCan. Keep an eye on Bloglovin for my collab post, too. To find some activities in your area, visit the website.

Track your progress

I got a FitBit earlier this year and use it as often as I can (when I remember to take it with me...) which is a great way to achieve daily step goals. Recently, some of my relatives also purchased one and it's suddenly become hugely competitive! You can use the FitBit app to challenge each other and strive to be the fittest person in your friends list, which is a huge motivation. Try a fitness device to help track how well you're doing when it comes to exercise.

Join a gym

And finally, we moved to a new flat this year and there just so happens to be a gym opening around the corner at the end of this month. Myself and David have both signed up (thanks to my nagging) and I'm really exciting to get back into some sort of gym routine. It'll really help with my hoop course AND my studying, so it's win, win, win.

essentials - USA Pro trainers // Puma gym set from SportsDirect // VOSS Water
What motivates you most when trying to stay fit?