I love this time of year, not only because we have the opportunity to whip out the chunkiest of cardigans but because for one night in the year, I can go out with a face like this and not be judged.

Fancy dress breaks all the ice between people and in general, means everyone (i.e. me) is in drunken, high spirits. This year I haven't got a particular costume I want to wear but plenty of eyeliner and lipstick I can put to good use.

Wilko is perfect for halloween treats if you're throwing a party and usually have a creepy aisle full of fancy dress, makeup and sweets galore. I picked up a set of these cute halloween themed cups and some white face paint.

Everything else I'm using on my face is already in my makeup bag which makes this look super cost-saving and easy to take on and off if any mistakes are made - have makeup wipes to hand just in case!

For the base, I first applied the No7 Stay Perfect foundation in Ivory for a smooth canvas. Then I mixed the white face paint with water and applied a super thin layer. With this paint being so inexpensive, the product isn't the greatest and tends to dry a little bit patchy. Make sure you work in thin layers and build it up, depending on how pale you want to look!

I then used the Sleek contour palette bronzer to add some colour. For the full effect of a Day of the Dead makeup look, it can be done in full, white and bright face paint. As I will only be rocking this look once (as far as I know) I don't want to invest in loads of face paint. I'm going for a much easier look so adding some rough contouring makes the finished look a pretty, girly version.

Now for the fun bit... and the part that requires a much steadier hand than mine!

First, using a set of cheap, 17 smoky eyeshadows I blended huge circles around my eyes. It's relatively easy to keep an even circle around the top of the eye, using the brow shape and inner eye as a border. Underneath the eye, try to keep as even as you can.

I used my Collection liquid eyeliner for all the details as it's much easier to use than a pencil or a gel and is likely to last longer. There are loads of sugar skull and day of the dead halloween makeup looks over on Pinterest, if you need inspiration. I've pinned some for you to see here.

The lipstick is my all time favourite, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 477 Black Cherry. This is my favourite all year round although it's featured much more in the Autumn as it's a beautiful, dark berry colour.

As you can see, my artwork isn't the neatest but no one should be THIS close to your face on a night out unless they're you're partner or you're on the pull. If it's the latter, then it doesn't matter because they'll probably have a face full of blood and/or smudged makeup too.

Using the lipstick and eyeliner, I've added a few simple lines and dots from various different Pinterest images I liked. The stitched or skeletal lips are a really easy way to create a simple but creepy Halloween look, regardless if you want to design the rest of your face!

Finally, this flower headband is from eBay for a mere £4 and is a really easy way to finish the look. It also helps to keep your hair out of the way whilst working on your face paint, win win!

With backcombed hair and dry shampoo, you're ready to party as a sugar skull into the early hours.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?