This post could also be entitled 'bedroom of dreams' but I feel that's quite a bold statement to make. Although, I do absolutely love it. Having a bedroom that feels cosy is quite an achievement as I've moved so many times in the past couple of years; it's been difficult to feel at home anywhere because I've not been in one place long enough.

However, myself and David have now moved into our first, beautiful flat together so I had a H&M and Homesense splurge to make everything feel much cosier.

These cushions are all from BHS. The grey ones were actually on sale for £6 each and they're SO huge and pouffy, they make such a difference when it comes to a Sunday morning lie-in.

The statement blue cushion is from their current season at £12 and has a really pretty, floral design on velvet. I wanted the blue/teal to make a statement as we have white walls, so I've tried keeping it to a minimum complemented by greys and whites.

Homesense is such a great place to find some unique photo frames (right) and they come in every colour imaginable. Although they can be quite pricey, if you have a select colour scheme or want to find a decorative item to match, this store is definitely the place to go.

We chose a few for our lounge gallery wall (which won't actually be up till next year) as well as a couple to match our bedroom. The teal is a distressed style which goes nicely with the colours of other pieces in this post and it's a nice contrast to the crispness of white walls and bedding.

This was an online steal from quite a while ago but as it still fits in my theme - it's white so naturally, it fits with most - I thought I'd include it. Jewellery stands are available in all kinds of colours, shapes and sizes on eBay so have a look for a quirky item.

Of course, I've dug out a few turquoise pieces for display purposes. It's only necessary.

The white, linen bedding.

Call me a basic bitch generic but this is the best purchase I've made this year. Shout out to H&M Home for being the only place that I could find for a reasonably priced, linen, double duvet set. This should have been £79.99 but with a wonderful introductory offer of 20% off your first item when you sign up, it only cost £59.99. This is still by far the most expensive bedding I've ever purchased but I would definitely recommend it!

It also comes in a variety of colours if white isn't your cup of tea (or you're likely to spill one on it).

N.B. It took H&M over a fortnight to send it out to me due to disorganisation and forgetting to tell me they'd frozen my order. You can't order to a business address (where I am most of the time) so they put a stop on my purchase but didn't inform me. Shoddy service initially BUT the customer service on the phone when sorting this issue was great. And the products are very good now I finally have them.

As the duvet set was on the expensive side, the bedsheet and extra pillow cases are from Primark. They have a brilliant (and super cheap) range of bedding which makes changing colour scheme in the in the future really affordable.

This rug is another H&M Home purchase in the same dark teal colour. I love the geometric cross tribal style print, it makes it a huge feature particularly as we're stuck with dreary, beige carpets for the time being. At £14.99 I'm really pleased with the difference it makes and it's now even featured on their style page. Just call me a trendsetter.

Hope you enjoyed a slight mooch around my new, bedroom of wonders and I'll be posting about all 'new home' related decor in the future.