I stole this little filler post from Emma at CarpeDiemEmmie as it was lovely to read some positive little bits about her week. Read her post here. And five's my lucky number.

Also, I don't share the love enough on my blog so I've been actively trying to retweet other blogger's posts and achievements. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and this is nothing to do with the cocktails I had last night. I've included a few favourite internet things below so be sure to check them out and please let me know if you do!


...things that made me happy this week
1. Chiara and I booked a trip to Malaysia for December! We've talked about it for ages and I really wanted to go away before Christmas, so this is very exciting.
2. I'm getting a bonus this month which is both unexpected and very much appreciated!
3. I got a nice email about my blog from someone who can't work with me but wanted to get in touch regardless. Such a lovely thing to do.
4. We tried teaching my grandparents about Kindles, Samsung tablets and new phones.
Hilarity ensued.
5. I managed a shoulder stand in my aerial hoop class and was chuffed about it. Look at these guns.

...children's programmes I wish still existed;
1. Jungle Run
2. The Worst Witch
3. Zoey 101
4. Blues Clues
5. The Tribe (please tell me someone else used to watch this?!)

...things I'm loving this week;
1. My new, cosy ASOS cardigan
2. Kit Kat Chunkies - honestly, dip one in tea OMG
3. Made In Chelsea LA
4. Peppermint tea
5. Positive Songs for Negative People - Frank Turner posts you should read;
1. 200 courses in 24 hours. This is the restaurant and food challenge Laura found out more about.
2. Amelia has me in STITCHES every week with her take on GBBO . Read them all here, now.
3. I loved reading Bridie's thoughts on whether there's such a thing as 'too many' photographs here.
4. Natasha questions: 'Is it ever OK to not love your body?' over here. Tell her what you think.
5. Okay it's not a blog post, but Kayleigh's YouTube channel is super cute. Watch her vlog of Blogger's Festival.

Hope you enjoyed a little life update and a few random things I've enjoyed this week.

Let me know yours in the comments!