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Gifting sites are aplenty and it's only to be expected when we rely so much on technology.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of putting some effort into a birthday gift, so buying vouchers is not my deal (receiving them, however...!) Having said that, it's sometimes pretty difficult to find the perfect gift for a loved one and I think it's great that the internet has broadened our spectrum of the 'personalised present'.

I was contacted by to review their website by ordering a present for somebody and it definitely puts the effort back into online gifting. 

The idea is:
- Select your budget
- Pick between 4-12 gifts the recipient may like from those featured on WishWant
- Fill in the lovely card with personalised deets

whoosh, the options are on their way to the lucky soul for them to pick their own present from your thoughtful selection - and you've not had any sort of headache!

As a small 'welcome to our new home' present, I decided to send a gift to David. I selected a few things he might like (and a few that I could also appreciate, ahem) and he could take his pick from the list. Including shaving kits, shot glass sets, notebooks and vintage pencils, it allowed me to create a list that was perfectly suited to him and I think he would have been happy with any of them!

NOTE: Gifts may be subject to change, these were all available at my time of visit to WishWant. I have noticed too however, lots of new items have also been added since this was written!

With a small nudge from me (and a cheeky smile) he opted for the His & Hers beauty box and we unveiled our items together excitedly, like a very early Christmas present had arrived.

I'll may write a little more about the box itself in another post but I will just mention that this is typically girl orientated. To say it was suggested as a gift for a male, it was a little disappointing on his side. The bits I received in the box were amazing on the other hand, so if you're looking for something for a girlfriend and boyfriend (but you like her much more) then you're onto a winner.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the website itself and think WishWant is a great idea for buying gifts for loved ones. Although the beauty box was a little disappointing for a male gift, the other gifts I selected on his list looked fantastic. My advice? Spend some time finding that perfect list of presents and read the descriptions more fully than I did.

Let's be honest, all the choice lies with them in the end anyway!

What do you think of the idea of WishWant?
Would you find it useful?



This post features products that were bought using a discount or gift voucher.
All opinions are my own and obviously unbiased, otherwise it would be completely positive now wouldn't it?