The Body Shop - Oils of Life

It will come as no surprise to any of you that read TDD that I love The Body Shop. And what's more, I love pretty packaging. And, I love it when these two come together in the form of a sample package one morning and now my face is silky smooth always.

With it being the height of summer, a radiant glow is a winner when you wear less makeup and (hopefully) have more of a tan. The Oils of Life range claims to intensely revitalise skin and improve radiance. Sounds great so far. The range is advertised as an age-defying one however, you don't have to have started worrying about your frown lines yet to appreciate these products.

The smell of spice hits immediately in this range. That'll be the cumin seed oil used in the ingredients, mixed with rosehip seed oil and camellia seed oil. Seeds are apparently key here.

I opted to try the lotion (a mixture of oil and water intrigued me), the cream and the gel cream.

Gel Cream

I tried this pot first as it was described as a 'lighter, fresher alternative' to the cream. My skin sometimes struggles with any heavy, greasy products so this sounded like it would be a good match.

As mentioned before, it is a pretty strong scent and one you'd normally link to a curry pot, not your moisturiser. It takes some getting used to however, whatever smell they have the ingredients certainly do the trick. My face instantly looked much fresher and over the past couple of weeks has really improved in radiance.

However, the gel formation didn't sit well with my t-zone. I have combination skin and I found during the day after wearing the gel moisturiser, it became uncomfortably oily around my forehead and nose. A little disheartened with this, I went on to try the lotion.

Essence Lotion

This bi-phase oil is an absolute dream. I often skip any extra step between cleanser, toner and moisturiser but as this is an age-defying range, the additional element is often considered a must. There's also a facial oil in the Oils of Life range which may be suitable for those with a few added years (ahem) however with my combination could rival a teenager greasy skin I chose a lighter option.

The lotion dried my face out a little but it really did help to use alongside the cream in a morning routine. You get a huge bottle of this stuff so it's good value in the long term.


The cream is my absolute favourite of this range.

It doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy, it's super hydrating and I have a feeling the pot will last me a long time to come! If I were to recommend only one of the range, it would be this.

I've used rosehip oil alone in the past as it helps reduce scarring and hyper-pigmentation, so when combined with the rest of these ingredients this cream works wonders. Aside from the strong scent that takes a while to get used to (!) I really love the range and from what I've seen, it's doing exactly as it says on the tin beautifully embossed jar.

The range is coming soon to The Body Shop, find out more on their website here.

Will you be trying the Oils Of Life range?



This post features samples that were sent free of charge as part of The Body Shop programme.
All opinions are my own and not biased, I just like the fact my face feels silky smooth.