I'm aware that I've numbered this post as the first in a series, as if there are going to be more epiphanies in my life because y'know, I'm optimistic like that.

So far in my 23 years, I've sat down and chatted through life issues with people, I've sat and cried about where my life is headed and I've spent plenty of time looking forward to new challenges and opportunities heading my way. However, up until now I don't remember having ever had such a strong, clear image come to me out of the blue of where I want my life to go.

Last week, whilst having a fairly nondescript day, I had a sudden change in perception of myself and where I am in life in the form of a statement that threw itself at me:

'I am not career-driven.'

From the moment we start school, we're asked 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' Now unless you had particularly realistic parents, the answer could span between ballerina, astronaut or dinosaur, without even being questioned. Then we start exams with the intention of succeeding in education to get the attainable job we dream of.

I am going to be honest and state that, as a rule, I've been completely winging it.

I sort of enjoyed computing, art and design so in high school, college and university I followed this notion. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely enjoyed it, I'm extremely glad I did it and I'm happy where I am right now as a designer. But getting the job I've worked hard for actually isn't hugely important to me. I don't want to be on the career ladder yet, if ever, and I certainly don't want to put the rest of my life on hold because being successful in a career is apparently the done thing to do.

This isn't to say I'm having a huge upheaval in my job right now, I do really like where I am. What I think I realised was, no matter what job I'm in, it's everything else in my life I actually care about more. As long as I'm happy in whatever that may be, the job doesn't matter.