So, The Great British Bake Off is back and I could not be more excited about it. If you're in the GBBO club too then hey, it's lovely to meet you and let's watch people crying over cake batter together. If you've never seen it before, then please do yourselves a favour and just google Paul Hollywood's face and watch an episode.

As always, at this time of year the amateur bakers around the UK (e.g. me) get overexcited and try to keep up with those considerably more experienced inside the BBC tent.

To participate this year - and to fill my empty kitchen in my new flat - I headed to George at Home at  my local ASDA for some beautiful baking bits.

NOTE: Bear with me even if you're not a fan of haul posts. You might get some cake.

Mixing Bowl

Yep, it's pink.

Before you ask, no, I'm not that sort of girly girl. This mixing bowl was on sale and I'm THAT sort of girl - the thrifty type. Joking aside though, it is really pretty and I love the vintage style. For £4 you just can't go wrong and it's going to stay in a much better state than a cheap, plastic alternative.

Measuring Scales

Another sale bargain and I can only assume it being because of the colour. If nobody else fancies a barbie inspired kitchen, I'm more than willing to volunteer if it means I save a few quid. I find scales are a necessity when cooking. Again, I really like the retro look for kitchenware and this does the job just fine. I think these were £6

Measuring cups

These are my favourite purchase. I've noticed since looking up more recipes and seeing what food bloggers have been making recently, there's a fair few that use cups as a measurement. I've never used cups before and much prefer the standard grams/pounds (hence the scale) however, they're useful to have instead of converting recipes every time. 

They also come in super handy for separating and storing ingredients like berries and chocolate chips etc. until you need to use them whilst baking. At £5 I think they're well worth the purchase and I can feel that little bit closer to Mary Berry.

Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scales

A really handy alternative to the measuring cups are digital scales. I was kindly sent this perfectly sized black unit to try and it makes baking a whole lot easier. The size is ideal for the food you want to weigh but small enough to pop in the cupboard when it's not being used.

I went for the glossy black design which matches all the other appliances in my kitchen and is a stark contrast to pretty, vintage mixing bowls. It brings modern element to the kitchen and now all I'm missing is a food mixer! The display is clear and the controls are very easy to use, using just two buttons to turn on/off and adjust measurements.

It will definitely feature in future baking endeavours!

Pretty, retro inspired kitchenware is huge at the minute and it's great to know you don't have to spend a fortune on pieces to participate in the trend. Take a look at the rest of the George at Home range here.

Oh and I told you there'd be cake. Smirk emoji.

What do you think of this budget-friendly range?