As if Leeds Town Hall isn't a grand enough place already, Birra Moretti created an Italian experience inside it last month experience for their Gran Tour. I was lucky enough to get an invite to the launch night and I can definitely say it was one of the best foodie events this year. After leaving our work stuff at 'luggage reclaim' a.k.a the cloakroom, we headed straight for the bar. Obviously.

Having also invited David (boyfriend slash in-house blog photographer) his eyes lit up at the food tokens we were given to sample some fine Italian food. We were also given wristbands for unlimited beer at the bar and it's safe to say, we're the sort of people who can be relied on to make the most of this.

I apologise in advance for how mouth-watering you may find the following images, I can't even write about them without snacking on something.

The food vendors were fantastic and we headed straight to the Arancini Brothers stall and their handmade risotto balls - what a way to kick start the event. Other vendors included Pizza Fella, Pasta E Basta, Tigellae and my absolute favourite of the night Ipsum Vinoteca. I'll definitely be making the visit to their restaurant in Leeds after the amazing kebab.

Of course, all this fine dining was accompanied with a ridiculous amount of couple more beers. Although I'm not normally a huge fan of beer, this is absolutely one of the lightest I've tried. I will definitely be returning to this in the future, particularly as it comes without the strong aftertaste you often get with a pint of lager.

Side note: If you want to try it out, Viva Italia in Leeds have Birra Moretti on draught and it is delightful.

The evening was fantastic overall, with great music from Ryan Paul and although I didn't get chance to book in with a ravioli masterclass hosted by Cin Cin UK (we got lost in the sea of beer) it looked like a lot of fun. The event ran from Thursday 30th July till Sunday 2nd August and Leeds seemed to buzz about the weekend on social media. Everyone I spoke to on the launch night had a great time and here's hoping to more events like it up North.

Huge thanks to Chris for the invite and Lloyd for some riveting conversation, I hope you both enjoyed your stay in Leeds. Grazie mille lads!