I am not a 'cool girl' but like most others, at times I've thought I wanted to be one.

If you are a teen to twenty-something, you probably already know the type of person I mean. The 'tumblr-worthy, perfectly tanned, tall, slender, beautifully manicured, suits-all-sunglasses, a minimum of 10,000 instagram likes on every picture, pinterest bedroom owner, doesn't seem to have a job but has lots of money' sort of person.

It might be fantastic to be this person but let's be honest, it's a very niche group of people.
Therefore here's a few things the 'cool girl' label entails on social media and why we shouldn't strive to meet it.

Living in lace lingerie.

Nobody I know in real life swans around the house all day in underwear and a man's shirt, with their boyfriend at hand to take an arty snapshot and add a grainy filter. Nobody.

Lacy lingerie is a luxury because:

1. It's more expensive than knickers with ten times the amount of material and
2. It's not likely you wear it for lounging around in your house watching Netflix.

By all means treat yourselves to a sexy number now and again or give your other half an eyeful, but your bedroom won't transform into a New York loft style apartment with a bay window for you to pose in for a Tumblr picture, if you do.

Instagram themes.

This one absolutely baffles me. Your Instagram does not need a theme.

What is the point of Instagram if you are restricting yourself with a certain colour palette, product range or filter? It gets boring.

Now this isn't to say I don't appreciate the aesthetic of some well thought out Instagram feeds - take Helen from The LoveCats Inc for example, it's just SO pretty. Just don't go overboard. I've seen tweets complaining about how difficult they find it to have an attractive Instagram feed but honestly, if it's stopping you from snapping whatever takes your fancy then just don't do it.

Travelling is expensive.

A lot of bloggers suffer from wanderlust due to the constant exposure of pretty photographs from travel posts. It's really easy to catch the travel bug and as much as I long to live the lifestyle of Brooke from World of Wanderlust, for most of us it just isn't possible.

I don't mean you can't travel the world if you want to. You absolutely can just uproot and go because as Brooke suggests, there are ways and means of travelling on a budget. However for the majority of us, you can't opt to travel the world whilst still keeping hold of your full time career you love and that mortgage on your house you've worked for.

Owning every product from a beauty brand.

I am a big fan of some beauty brands but I have never, ever wanted to own their entire range. I'm not an eyeshadow sort of girl, so shoot me. It doesn't look cool if you own everything Charlotte Tilbury has ever produced if you're are buying it for the sake of a name rather than enjoying the product.

And if you add up the entire value of the Mac counter in your bedroom, I'm just saying you could have probably just bought shares in the company, instead.

You're either going to relate to this or think I'm just bitter about being an uncool girl.
Let me know your thoughts either way!



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