Our first Glastonbury experience a few years ago included a trip to the infamous 'Pieminister' stand and since then, I've been hooked. At the sad, sad news that this year (the first time since 2004) they were not going to be present at the Summer festival, it was decided we must visit the recently opened restaurant in Leeds city centre.

I wasn't sure if the food would be half as good as it is when we're stood in a cold, muddy field and haven't eaten properly in three days but I was determined to give it a chance.

Pieminister is amongst the many new additions to Leeds that have a lively, hip atmosphere at an affordable price and a food pun for a name. With so much competition now, it's hard to impress but with a couple of Moodogs, a Chicken of Aragon and a hot pot on the way we had high hopes.

The choice extends way beyond pies if that doesn't take your fancy although, why on earth wouldn't it? Even for the veggies among us, there's plenty of opportunity to get involved in the pie hype with a tasty Heidi or a Wildshroom. The portions are perfect although it is tempting to have a bite of everyone else's meal, y'know, just to compare.

A couple of quirky things about the menu...

1. If you buy certain selections on the list, you are helping fund the planting of a tree in Malawi as part of the Temwa charity. Tasty pie AND you are helping provide people with a more sustainable lifestyle.

2. Pieminister have ventured into collaborations with the finest beers that Brewdog provide (if you're in Leeds, it's right down the street). You don't have to visit a restaurant to grab a pie, they offer their menu in a variety of pubs around the country too.

If you're after a tasty and inexpensive meal, Pieminister is a place you will leave wanting to tell your friends about; find your nearest pie-hole here.

Mr Michael Eavis, can we get Pieminister back by the Pyramid please?