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So I didn't manage to write any resolutions for June because life got in the way, so I thought I'd update you on my New Year's Resolutions I made in January. It's always nice to look back, tick things off the list and refresh your ideas. It's surprising how much can change in six months!

- Settle into a home
Yet to feel 'at home' somewhere yet as I'm still in a house with 16 strangers.

- Gain an ETM certificate
I've started it, aiming to qualify by mid 2016!

- Read more
This hasn't gone fantastically well...

- Go to Glastonbury (again)

- Visit Berlin

- Get a credit card
Yep. Got lots of lovely things and spending the rest of my life paying it all back :)

- Get a new tattoo
YES! I got two this year. I'm done now.

- Bake more
Nope. I don't think I've baked AT ALL.

- Learn Spanish
I learnt some German for Berlin instead and it went really well.

- Buy a new camera
Done and done. Hopefully you can see the difference in my blog imagery now?

- Visit Scarborough and Brighton
I was supposed to go to Brighton next weekend but I double-booked myself. Still yet to revisit Scarborough.

- Explore more of Leeds
A little. Still need to do more.

- Go to a zoo
I went to Berlin Zoo and had the best time.

- Experience more opportunities through blogging
Met some beautiful bloggers and had the chance to work with some fab brands.

- Look into freelance design
I'm not sure if I want to do it as a career yet...

- Spend Christmas in Australia
Still planning and saving!

source: pinterest