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As per any series of posts I begin, they flag in the middle hence why there were no resolutions last month. Or the month before that... If you're unsure of what the meaning behind this series is, check out my very first monthly resolutions post here.

I've got my act together for May and written a few tiny things I want to achieve in my birthday month!

Go for a run

I am super lazy and very rarely motivated when it comes to running. This has featured regularly in my resolutions and my twitter feed and the time has come to STOP putting it off. Now that the weather is brighter and warmer less icy there's no excuse to get into it. I have big fitness goals and aspirations for the rest of the year so the sooner I start doing the simple things, the better!

Get out of my money rut

source: flickr
I have been using the excuse of 'Christmas' for five months too long now. I'm officially in a sticky money situation and buying things is not going to help, no matter how happy it makes me. I'm using this month to catch up and I will be shaking every birthday card I receive furiously in the hope of a tenner.

Visit Brighton

source: flickr edited by: me

I've always wanted to visit more seaside towns after living on the East Coast for three years. I always hear amazing things about Brighton and it sounds right up my street, so me and the boyfriend are going to Brighton Fringe Festival for a weekend which should be FANTASTIC. I cannot wait, praying for sunshine though!

Stick to a blog plan

I NEVER have a pre-set plan for what posts I'm going to write or when they will be published. This month, I've got a rough idea of how many posts I want to complete and I'm going to do my best to stick to it!

What do you want to achieve in May?