A staple at any festival is a good pair of shoes and a cosy pair of socks.

It doesn't matter if your tent has holes or that you've forgotten the suncream and you burn if it reaches over 10 degrees. You can buy all this for a ridiculous amount of money somewhere in the field. But your shoes? You gotta have them to get anywhere.

I finally caved in and purchased something I've been wanting for years
- a sturdy pair of Timberlands.

socks - BONSAI // boots - TIMBERLAND (bought from ASOS)
parka - ASOS // dress - TOPSHOP // jumper - NEW LOOK // bandana - EBAY

One of the first things that springs to mind when people think of when it comes to festivals is the portaloos weather and the mud. YOU NEED TO TAKE WELLIES. Without a doubt.

However, if you are lucky enough to be graced with glorious sunshine as I have been in the past, there is nothing better than being able to wear something that doesn't require three friends to prise off your feet.

Timberlands are a well known brand and something so classic is always going to look the part. However they're also waterproof which believe me, you'll be thankful for when the weather turns in seconds as you're watching Biffy Clyro open in the pouring rain whilst wearing a see-through poncho. Or some similar situation.

I love the timeless wheat nubuck style and managed to nab these from ASOS whilst they had a 30% off offer. At £160 RRP, they are pretty pricey and more than I'd normally dream of spending on a pair of shoes. A staple like this though is definitely worth an investment and I know I'll be getting plenty of wear out of them over the summer season!

The first thing in my rucksack are always a few pairs of welly socks. Regardless of what footwear is weather appropriate, you want to be comfy and
a long pair of socks is the answer.

Bonsai socks are made mostly from bamboo (yes, you read that right) so are thermal and they STAY UP. They're also odour-free due to the material which is why I'll be taking them along for the Glastonbury ride with me this year and wearing them for the week. That's right, ALL WEEK. This particular pair came in 'Big Red Bus' red which is the perfect colour to go with my boots.

Take a look at their range - complete with quirky colour names which is always a winner - here.

I am counting down the days till I'll be wearing this look again and can we all pray for sunshine, please?!

All prices are correct at time of publish.
This post features items that were sent to me for review. All opinions are unbiased and my own. Not my dog's opinion or anything. Obviously.