thank you for being the best hand model, gabby!
Last week, a group of Leeds bloggers including myself were invited to the White Rose Shopping Centre to see the new ranges from The Body Shop. I've used a lot of their products in the past as they're well known for doing their bit for the environment, fair trade and campaigning against animal testing. Oh, and I'm a sucker for a fruity body butter!

We had the wonderful Tom and Shannon showing us The Body Shop's new ranges including
Fuji Green Tea, Virgin Mojito and some makeup pieces, including Honey Bronze.

This post features a little bit about each range, lots of photos and details on which products I absolutely adored.

Also a huge thanks to Leah and her team for putting on such a lovely beauty event!

Fuji Green Tea
The focal recent release is the Fuji Tea bath products that encompass the luxury and quality of The Body Shop with natural tea extracts.

Fuji Green Tea 'Bath Tea' in action; leaves skin soft and smelling amazing.
As you can see, some of the products in this range are definitely a little bit different. A tea-strainer for your bath, I tell you! I actually really loved the idea of this product and if I had a bath (sigh) it would have been straight in my basket.

The smell of this entire range was incredibly fresh due to the green tea influence and we were even offered a cup of the good stuff whilst we tried out a few products. Green tea has amazing health benefits as well as being super for detoxing and reviving your skin. The Body Shop have utilised this and grow tea plants especially for this new range, meaning none of the environment is destroyed unnecessarily and we all get beautiful skin, win-win!

Read more about the range here.

Virgin Mojito
We were shown the Virgin Mojito range which certainly packed a punch when it came to scent! This has a variety of products to rejuvenate skin and it's perfect for a refreshing morning shower.

I'm going to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of mint but it's undeniable that this range is going to be popular. We also heard a little something about the gift set that will be released along with this range and let's just say, who doesn't love a good cocktail...?

As you can see, The Body Shop extended this skincare range into some glorious 'mojito' inspired eyeshadows too. I find it difficult to get eyeshadows that last but with these being so pigmented, they could definitely be a winner. As Shannon suggested, the green can be mixed with other colours in their makeup range to create a lovely, summer look.

Honey Bronze
The final section included a variety of new makeup and tanning products due to be in stores mid-May and I am honestly SO excited to purchase a few bits from this range.

The above image just doesn't capture how lovely the highlighter in focus is. Honey Bronze includes various bronzers but my absolute favourite was this one. It's so easy to apply, has just the right amount of shimmer and portrays the perfect sun-kissed glow.

I'm not one for fake tanning but this range also includes some wash-off tan oil, which Tom made look ridiculously easy to apply and blend. With the weather being wonderfully sunny recently, I'm definitely inspired to give it a go when the range is released next month.

The Body Shop seemed to have a lot of focus on eye makeup, particularly finding that perfect eyeliner look.

These eyeliners look so amazing, exactly the sort of product to use for a good smokey eye so I'll be splurging on these when I have a bit more money! For now though, I picked up their new 'skinny' liner which has been a godsend for my standard eyeliner flick (review to come).

Overall, I had a great time and learnt so much thanks to The Body Shop team in Leeds. It was also fantastic to finally meet some of you bloggers in person, you were all as beautiful as your twitter icon makes you out to be ;) MOJITOS, ANYONE?