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EASTER WEEKEND // Mini Happies

Inspired by Louise AKA Sprinkle of Glitter, who I've been a fan of for a while, I've decided to put together a few little things that have happened during this Easter weekend that have made me smile. It's also a bit of a #instaweekend because I got a bit Instagram happy. There were just too many photo opportunities!

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mini happies #1 - easter weekend

1. Shooting an arrow for the first time and it hitting the wooden beam above the target. Everyone laughed, it was a good ice breaker and just pretty hilarious.


2. David going round the same roundabout twice because he missed the turning, taking the turning then celebrating, then realising it was the wrong turning anyway.

3. Taking pictures of flowers with my swanky camera and them actually turning out beautifully.

4. THE SUNSHINE! And being able to whip my Ray Ban's out.

5. Trekking around the park for hours and watching David try to get up the muddiest of hills in his posh leather brogue boots.

6. Finally uploading my Berlin posts. Well, two of them anyway.

7. Waking up to sex, then both of us on our gadgets in silence for a while. It's nice to feel like we're living together again. Even though we're not.

8. Walking around York in the sun.

9. Lovely Easter treats from my mum, she got me an egg AND lush bath things AND gave me some money in a card. Catholics know how to do Easter.

10. Driving to McDonalds in the sunshine with the windows down and his sun roof (who even has these anymore?!) open because we're obsessed with McDonalds Monopoly stickers.

What are your mini happies from this weekend?