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It's safe to say that I've had my fair share of experiences living with other people. People tend to only think about the shared houses of students but some of us are unlucky enough to still be living in this kind of situation, what a bloody joy.

I lived in halls at university - D Block 3rd Floor to be exact - with nine other students who I will always remember a little bit fondly, no matter how odd/annoying/loud some of them were.

And now here I am, in an old, converted care home with SIXTEEN other housemates, all 'young professionals' as they call us nowadays.

Here's what I've learnt from these experiences.

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1. Be prepared to share food...

...and cutlery. And crockery. Pretty much anything you leave in the shared kitchen space actually.

If it's available then it's extremely likely someone will use it, whether you know it or not. Using sticky notes to determine what food is yours in the fridge will only mean your housemates will talk about you and may even give you a nickname based on this (sorry, 'Sticker Steve' from 2010)

It's not all bad though. For instance, when you run out of coffee? Just help yourself to the nearest pot, everyone else does.

NOTE: Butter, milk and teabags will deplete the quickest.

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2. The washing up is THE biggest argument starter

You'd think as professionals, this sort of thing wouldn't happen anymore but nope, the kitchen sink is still something to be wary of. Some housemates will use what they need, wash it up and put it away immediately. Others, however, like to stack up every item they can until the next time you want to use a spoon, it becomes a game of 'washing up jenga'.

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3. Flirt to your heart's content

A plus about living in shared houses or halls is meeting new people and it helps when those people are easy on the eye. At university especially, this is a given because everyone will be in the same, new, drunken boat. Often, no judgements are made if you happen to bring a different person home every night - not that I'd recommend it!

A multitude of new crushes around the place is great. Not so much when you've just woken up with greasy hair and a spotty forehead and you bump into the guy you fancy in the kitchen. Awkward.

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4. There is always something to do

Living with so many people means it highly likely there will always be somebody around to chat to when you need it. Spontaneous road trip? Sure. Quick game of COD? No problem. 6 hour game of beer pong? Why the hell not?

Life gets a bit lonely, particularly if you're venturing into a house full of strangers. However, you'll find solace in sharing this with the rest of your housemates and in turn, a friendship could blossom without you even realising whilst you're yelling at each other over a game of 'Ring of Fire.'

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5. Sex is an open subject

There's a likelihood that some of your new housemates will have other halves who come round and spend the night. It's also possible that #3 in this list can lead to a little bit more than flirting; shared houses seem to be a breeding ground (maybe literally) for new romances.

 It's always good to invest in some earplugs OR create a playlist of Marvin Gaye love songs and play it at top volume.

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6. It's okay to NOT be sociable sometimes

There will be times you are tempted into drinking till the early hours or spending too much time having Nerf gun fights when you should be doing some work. There will be other times when you want to do neither of these things. Whether you want to be productive for a change or even just spend some time watching Netflix by yourself, that is OKAY. You should never feel bad about turning down an invitation from your housemates if you want to go to bed early.

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7. You make friends

Sometimes sharing a bathroom, kitchen, four walls becomes tiresome but one positive thing? You will always make friends. Granted, you come across those people with strange notions, drug problems or seem to be socially inept but others, if you're lucky, could be your friends for life.

Have you ever experienced any of these? Let me know in the comments!